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How Do Caretaking Functions Relate to Parental Responsibilities?

Anyone in Illinois who is going through a divorce or anticipates filing for divorce will need to understand how child custody works if they have minor children from their marriage. As you may know, Illinois does…

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What is a Restriction of Parental Responsibilities?

If you are getting divorced and have minor children from your marriage, you may know that the court no longer awards child custody to the parents, but instead allocates parental responsibilities. The term parental responsibilities includes…

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Renewed Efforts in Illinois Toward Equal Parenting Time

Under Part VI of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA), courts presume that parents in Chicago who get divorced should both play a role in their child’s life unless there is a clear…

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Relocation Mid-School Year After a Divorce

If you are thinking about filing for divorce at the start of the New Year, if you plan to separate from your spouse, or if you have recently accepted a new job, you have likely been…

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Parenting Courses in Chicago Custody Cases

If you are filing for divorce in Chicago and have children from the marriage, it is important to know what the state requires in terms of parent education. While parents often know and understand their own…

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Can My Child Refuse to Visit the Other Parent?

Sometimes the trouble in carrying out a court’s visitation order has nothing to do with the parents themselves, but with the child. Despite discussing visitation orders and schedules with your child, he or she may refuse…

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