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Parents are obligated to support their children until they reach the age of 18, although it’s possible for a court to order support for a child obtaining higher education. It can be a long time from the date of your divorce until these obligations end, and during those years, your children’s needs and your financial situation are likely to change. For capable and concerned legal counsel regarding child custody matters from divorce to post-judgment modification and enforcement actions, you can rely on Arami Law.

The child support laws in Illinoise are complex and can be hard to deal with. Don't go through this matter alone. Contact the child support lawyers at Arami Law, Inc. to schedule a consultation now.

What are the Illinois Child Support Laws?

Illinois law recognizes a child’s right to receive financial support from both parents, but this does not mean child support is calculated based on parental income alone. 

  • The marital settlement will name one parent as the “obligor,” and this parent will be required to pay a portion of their income to the other parent to help cover the child’s expenses. 
  • Most often, the obligor is a noncustodial parent, and it is assumed that the custodial parent is already contributing to the child financially. 
  • The goal of child support is to give the child(ren) the same quality of life they would have enjoyed if the parents had remained married.

How is Child Support Calculated?

Child support in Illinois is calculated using a precise formula detailed by law, but courts still have the discretion to require obligors to pay amounts in excess of this to support the child’s current lifestyle or needs, including:

  • Tuition for private schooling
  • College costs and living expenses
  • Sports travel teams, summer programs, and other enriching activities

Special Needs Children & Child Support in IL

Child support orders can also vary depending on the needs of the individual child or children involved. For example, if a couple has a special needs child, then the obligor may be required to pay more to help cover the child’s medical expenses. 

Arami Law Helps With Modification and Enforcement of Child Support Orders 

To ensure that children receive the support they are entitled to, Illinois courts have established a detailed system for collecting and recording child support payments, and enforcement capabilities for when an obligor refuses to pay despite having the means to do so. 

  • The court may be able to garnish wages 
  • Obligors may face garnishment of tax refunds 
  • In extreme cases, obligors may be sent to jail

It’s never a good idea to fall behind on child support payments, yet many obligors do become delinquent, often for the following 2 reasons:

  1. Retaliation— Many obligors have the mistaken notion that child support payments are linked to their visitation rights, so when custodial parents interfere with the noncustodial parent’s time with the children, the obligors may withhold payment. This type of self-help makes the obligor look bad to the court and gives a custodial parent further ammunition to make the obligor’s life miserable. A better option for an obligor in this situation is to contact a skilled family law attorney who can explain your options and possibly even request a modification of your support payments in court.
  2. Financial hardship—If an obligor experiences a major financial burden, such as the loss of a job or a major medical treatment, they may fall behind on their child support payments. In cases like these, an attorney can assist you in requesting that the court reevaluate your obligation.

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You deserve fair treatment, regardless of whether you are the one paying or receiving child support. Arami Law has extensive experience negotiating complex child support issues inside the Loop and throughout the entire Chicago, Illinois region. 

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