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Seeking the best possible outcome for clients in crisis in Cook County, Lake County and throughout the State of Illinois

At the Arami Law Office, P.C., our goal is to provide quality legal representation in an emotionally supportive manner to clients who are in anguish caused by divorce or family law issues, struggling with the physical pain of personal injury or medical malpractice. For more than a decade, attorney Kourosh Arami has fought aggressively for just results that empower clients to overcome severe challenges and reclaim their lives. If you are in the greater Chicago area, you can rely on the Arami Law Office to provide:

  • Compassion Clients come to us with the most urgent difficulties of their lives involving a disabling injury or a devastating divorce or family law matter. We are highly motivated to justify their trust during their times of crisis.
  • Personal attention — Attorney Kourosh Arami takes full responsibility for each case personally. Our firm is proud of the relationships of mutual trust we build with our clients during periods of great turmoil.
  • Top-quality representation — Having dealt with challenging legal matters for more than a decade, we have earned a strong reputation for achieving great results for our clients by effective settlement negotiations and aggressive courtroom advocacy.
  • Affordable rates — We accept personal injury and medical malpractice cases on a contingency fee basis, so you do not pay attorney fees until we secure compensation for you. On family law matters, we charge a reasonable hourly rate and retainer fee.

Throughout the legal process, the Arami Law Office remains zealously committed to achieving the maximum compensation for your personal injury or medical malpractice cases, or an equitable resolution of your family law matters.

The Chicago family law attorney with the skill and discretion to manage any family law issues

In family law matters, the Arami Law Office seeks to arrive at the most favorable resolution possible with the least emotional strain for our clients, and especially their children. In divorce or family law cases, we first attempt to resolve the key issues – including child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support/maintenance, and distribution of marital assets and debts – through negotiation or mediation before resorting to trial. However, when negotiated solutions are not possible, we litigate aggressively to help you start the next phase of your life on the best footing possible.

A trustworthy Chicago injury attorney for the most complex personal injury cases

If you’ve suffered a serious injury due to someone’s negligence, you’re entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages. The Arami Law Office has the legal experience and passionate dedication to pursue maximum compensation aggressively in cases ranging from automobile accidents, slip & fall/premises liability, workers’ compensation, wrongful death to medical malpractice. We fully investigate the circumstances of your injury to establish liability, and consult medical experts to ascertain the extent of your injuries. You can rely on us to perform our due diligence in pursuing the maximum amount of compensation possible.

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Located near the Richard J. Daley Center and inside the Loop in Chicago, with a satellite office across the Lake County Courthouse in Waukegan, the Arami Law Office is ready to provide just resolution of your family law issues or seek full compensation for your personal injury or medical malpractice case in Cook County, Lake County and throughout the State of Illinois. We pride ourselves in our accessibility. So, call us today at  312-212-1399 or contact us online for your free initial consultation.