Date: July 2017

I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case. Arami did what another lawyer took 2 years to do in a short span of 3 months. He eased the anxiety and uncertainty I had about my case given my previous lawyer’s incompetence. He was very communicative and straight to the point. His professionalism was outstanding. I wish had sought him out earlier in my case. He is the blueprint of what a good lawyer should be. I would 1000% recommend him to anyone!!!

From: Betty mays
Date: June 2017

Mr arami helped me understand my complicated child custody case better. He referred me to probate court to have a better chance of becoming legal guardian To my grandson. I recommend Mr.arami very highly.

From: Raf Peña
Date: May 2017

A True professional, very debonair, detailed in every step of the process, Mr. Arami brings a new found appreciation of lawyers, he came highly recommended and now using him as council demonstrated as to why !!

From: Raf P
Date: May 2017

Mr. Arami is very polite , precise and knowledgeable of current Illinois law , he brings a new found admiration to what a lawyer should be , he is very flexible on appointment times , and returns calls or emails , within the day , he came highly recommended and now I know as to why , definitely a win for whom ever hires his services!

From: Carmela
Date: April 2017

Mr. Arami helped me through a very difficult divorce. I went through a few lawyers before finding him and he was by far the most compassionate, understanding, and professional attorney I ever came across. Mr. Arami is thorough, on point, and fair. I wish I had found him at the start of my divorce proceedings. I’m certain things would have gone more smoothly and would have ended much sooner. I’m writing this review in hopes to help others. It’s not easy to find an attorney you can trust.
Thank you, Kourosh!

From: Julia Mayen
Date: April 2017

Mr. Arami is an excellent attorney I was referred to him to handle my case his dedication & experience put me in ease when the opposing counsel was being unbearable to say the least. I would highly recommended him to handle your case.

From: Daniel Johnson
Date: April 2017

I utilized Mr. Arami’s services for both my divorce and a subsequent petition for increased child support motion filed by my ex-wife. Mr. Arami completely explained to me the legal options I was facing and did his due diligence in uncovering discrepancies in my ex-wife’s claims. During the divorce portion he revealed a job settlement that my ex-wife received that I was entitled to that saved me thousands in dollars in maintenance fees.

During the child support increase petition filed by my ex-wife he was able to utilize my leverage from the divorce decree to protect my interest. Needless to say thanks to Mr. Arami i have been relieved of much stress in dealing with this process.

I highly recommend his services!!!

From: Joe Molina
Date: March 2017

I am strongly pleased into recommending anyone that is looking for an attorney for all child custody issues to use Arami Law office into representing you. His professionalism as a lawyer who really knows the law. He worked for me very rapidly into getting all my child custody issues resolved as soon as possible when I was hopeless. Don’t look else where… him right now!

From: Lizet Espinoza
Date: March 2017


From: Anthony Ramos
Date: March 2017

Exceptional service! Mr. Arami was very knowledgeable are very patient in explaining my options, which I found to be very reassuring in my difficult time. He was always available by phone and always willing to spend time in discussion, which again I found to be reassuring. The legal part of this divorce was a very painless process all in thanks to Mr.Arami. I would strongly recommend MR. Arami to anyone that I knew was going through a divorse.

From: David limanowski
Date: January 2017

I was referred to Mr. Arami by another lawyer. My case was too complex for most any attorney. With divorce, child custody and real estate issues Me.Arami’s name consistently came up regarding the complexities of my case. I retained Mr. Arami and he instantly received successes in court heretofore no one could obtain.
Would I recommend his expertise? Of course. One would be ill advised to not utilize his trial talents. There are a lot of lawyers out there that purely cause confusion for their own gain. Mr. Arami about is compassionate about his clients and his trial talents are second to none. I will use his gift, his talents on any further issues that may arise in my life.

From: Cece Jones
Date: January 2017

Excellent attorney. He is fair and effective. I interviewed over a dozen attorneys and Kourosh was the only one that shared my vision of success. Kourosh won despite the odds. Feel confident with Kourosh that you are in the best hands. Top firms before him failed, he won. Hire him now and put your mind at ease.

From: Keenan Lambert
Date: January 2017

Kourosh Arami has a superb rapport with the judges in Cook county, he is THE lawyer you want standing on your side of the courtroom. I was totally satisfied with the ease of communication, explanations of actions and consequences, and the results of my case!


From: Chelsea Doty
Date: January 2017

Kourosh Arami was a God send. Not knowing very much regarding divorce law, I went in laying that out and trusted that he would guide me through it honestly. Mr. Arami exceeded every expectation I had. He was kind, understanding and very patient. He took the time to explain every part of this journey with me. There was not a moment he wasn’t available or a moment where I doubted that our outcome wouldn’t be exactly what he had outlined. He fought hard for me and I felt safe knowing that he was the person in charge of my case. Aside from just being absolutely professional, punctual, and on top of every piece of paperwork; he also made me laugh when I felt Iike dying and always made me smile with relief whenever I left his office or ended a call. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone needing an attorney. Thank you Kourosh, I’m eternally thankful!

From: Antonio Carreto
Date: December 2016

I still remember the day I received the letter informing me that I had to appear in court, because my son’s mother was was moving to Japan and taking my son. I called nearly every lawyer in Chicago. They all demanded so much and cared very little. I could tell this was just another job to them. When I called Kourosh, he approached my situation with compassion and actually listened. With Kourosh on my side, I was able to gain so much out of the situation i was in. He stood by me and worked with me, never giving up. He fought my case as if it were his own fight and I appreciate him for that. He always brings a level of professionalism to everything he does, but will remain compassionate to you and your needs. Never did he allow me to get walked over or pushed around in court and was always fast to respond to the opposition’s lies and slander. Thank you Kourosh for all you have done for my son and I.

From: Dhishna Chaudhary
Date: December 2016

Mr. Arami was was very helpful, listened well and was available at all times (even during holiday hours). We appreciated his advice and would definitely approach him for any family law matters in the future.

From: KD Hunt
Date: October 2016

Kourosh delivers great service and is always available when you need him. He was attentive to all of my questions and even answered my calls on weekends. I would highly recommend his services.

From: Jennifer Price
Date: October 2016

I truly APPRECIATE this attorney. He is AMAZINGLY AMAZING!!!! He’s very ATTENTIVE and a GO GETTER!!! No regrets here. Very satisfied!!!! I truly recommend!!!!

From: Raquel Tellez
Date: July 2016

Awesome awesome very professional gives you answers as how it is . Took care of my custody and support case…Knows every outcome. Doesn’t matter what time it is he will get back to you with text email or voice-mail if busy. Most importantly you will go through your case in peace with no stress and no worries. I highly recommend Mr . Koroush. Thanks for everything. Recommended him to couple of coworkers and same reviews… they all wonder where and how I found him. I Googled spent almost 10 hours going through a lot of lawyers and his reviews where all great and on top most reviews said very professional and aggressive. Never changing him. Thanks again. Sorry for taking long on writing my review.

From: Keven
Date: July 2016

Mr Arami is excellent very professional. I have worked with Mr Arami for about 5 years now on 2 different cases. The professionalism with this man is unreal. He take your case to heart and fights for you. I am a custodial parent (father) so I owe this man a lot for what he’s done for me! It’s very rare that a father get the child. He fought tooth and nail for me. I appreciate this man and his work. I will recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer and if you do need one you won’t regret a minute with him next to you

From: T Fey
Date: July 2016

Went to see him over a custody. Gave me great advice and really listened to my needs. In the end I did not follow through because we came to agreement outside of court. Still he was there for me whenever needed. Thank you.

From: Tony Smith
Date: June 2016

The best lawyers that I hired to work for my custody case. Very honest, professional in his work. Always looking for what’s best for the child. I recommended him to anyone that’s going through a custody battle. Always one phone call away or email. I called him so many times after my case was over for advise and never charged me one cent. I even recommended him to family and friends. He was there right next tome from the start to the end. Thanks for everything you did for me and my family.

From: Julie Ann
Date: June 2016

Don’t hesitate to have Mr. Arami as your lawyer, he is fantastic. I hired Mr. Arami and have to say I was blown away by his professionalism. He was always there to answer any questions I had, or concerns and always came through as promised. He is a true gem in today’s world, a real old school guy.

From: Erma Voss
Date: February 2016

Arami is amazing. He walked my husband through the process with ease. He is a joy to work with. I recommend him to everyone who needs an Attorney.

From: Steve J
Date: January 2016

Kourosh helped me in two cases. One in gaining custody another in gaining child support. He keeps you very informed of the process, and is on top of things. Always gets back to you when he says and was a pleasure to work with. Will definitely use him again if I need to.

From: Debra Panos
Date: December 2015

Kourosh is a competent and thorough attorney. I would highly recommend him.

From: Tee Washington
Date: December 2015

Kourosh is fair, competent and professional. He represents you with honesty and integrity. I highly recommend his services. – Ken

From: Donnie B
Date: October 2015

Arami is a very good dedicated attorney who will fight for the fullest compensation. He assertive in his work also he is a very ethical professional i recommend him for an excellent Attorney l.

From: Liz and Tony Lopez
Date: October 2015

The best lawyers that I hired to work for my custody case.Very honest, professional in his work. Always looking for what’s best for the child. I recommended him to anyone that’s going through a custody battle. Always one phone call away or email. I called him so many times after my case was over for advise and never charged me one cent. I even recommended him to family and friends. He was there right next tome from the start to the end. Thanks for everything you did for me and my family.

From: Tee Jay
Date: September 2015

Kourosh is fair, competent and professional. He represents you with honesty and integrity. I highly recommend his services.

From: Dominique Esquibel
Date: September 2015

Kourosh Arami is Persistent, Professional and is determined to represent me to best of his ability. I’m Glad I found Mr. Arami and am looking forward to working with him throughout my case. He has a good personality and speaks thoroughly. I recommend Kourosh Arami for a parenting case. He has always been available to answer my questions if he’s available and returns my calls in a timely manner.

From: Michelle Sepe
Date: September 2015

From Beginning to end, Mr. Kourosh Arami handled our custody case with compassion and professionalism. He is exceedingly knowledgeable and went above and beyond every step of the way to ensure us the best possible outcome. We have the utmost respect for him, and will continue to recommend him to our friends and family. Mark one in the WIN column for our family and Arami Law!

From: Smita Agrawal
Date: July 2015

Attorney Arami is professional, objective and gives sound advice. He is a good listener and can persuasively present his Client’s position. I highly recommend him.

From: Dexter Beverly
Date: June 2015

Very professional and did everything as promised.

From: Susan Coleman
Date: June 2015

Koroush is an excellent attorney who gives outstanding counsel on family law matters. Very knowledgeable and detail focused. I strongly recommend him.

From: Roy B.
Date: May 2015

Mr. Kourosh Arami was very professional and comprehensive with my case in court I can’t thank him enough for the job he done for me and I highly recommend Mr. Kourosh Arami to everyone who my need his area of expertise

From: Jose Villegas
Date: April 2015

My name is Jose and I have a 9 year old son which is currently living with me. Although that was not always the case. He was taken from me by his mother. My son lived with myself and my parents for the first 2 years of his life without help from his mother. One day she decided to be in his life and become responsible and while I was at work she decided to take him from me. For a while I was not able to locate them. Finally my family suggested to hire an attorney. So I went on the journey of finding one that I liked. The first one that I went to was the ones that you hear about fathers’ rights and things like that. Honestly….they offered absolutely no compassion or even some kind of hope. The only thing that I left with was a quote. Finally my parents heard about Kourosh through the radio. So we decided to set up an appointment to speak with him. Instantly I noticed the difference in tone compared with the first guys I spoke to. He attentively listened to my story and actually showed compassion. He also allowed me to have some kind of hope that one day I would be able to see my son. He took on the case and decided to find this cold hearted woman. Kourosh suggested to hire a private investigator. We finally found my sons mom and served her. We went to court and from day one the judge was ready to have my son come home where he belonged. Unfortunately that woman had a different plan. She came in with the best performance that I had ever seen in my life. Teary eyed had the nerve to go in that courtroom and accuse me of sexually abusing my son. Of course the judge bit in to the Oscar winning performance. This is when the actual real fighting began. For some reason after that performance the judge didn’t want to see the facts. We fought and fought without any sense of hope that my son would return. I went to 2 psychologists, took several tests and nothing came back. Even then the judge didn’t want to believe that she of might of been lying. While this was going on I had to visit my son at a supervised facility for only 2 hours. I felt like a criminal, I had lost all my integrity and dignity. I also started losing my hope. I honestly just wanted the case to end and settle for anything that they would throw at us. Anything could have been better than in the situation that I was in. Kourosh never let me quit, never wanted to settle for anything. He wanted my son back with me. I know that he believed that I was not what that woman said I was. So did everyone else except for that damn judge. I’m getting frustrated just writing about this. Kourosh told me not to quit, he told me not to give up on my son. So we kept fighting, finally we were appointed to a different judge. She saw right through her lies. Finally after 2 years and many tears later the verdict was given. I was finally awarded my son back. He is currently living with me. We both and my family couldn’t be happier. My son is currently in gifted classes at school while at his mother’s he was having a hard time at school and was behind. All I could say is thank you to Kourosh for the happiness and thank you for helping in my most important fight of my life. You don’t believe me? I have the pictures to prove it. I see this kind man not only as a lawyer but as a friend. We still keep in contact. I would recommend this great man to whoever asks. I can’t thank him enough. Now I also have a 1 year old daughter and a great wife. I can finally work on my family and my future. As well as my sons future. Again….thank you Kourosh.

From: Carlos C.
Date: July 2014

Well, I was referred to this attorney by a co work and was in need of legal assistance. So I called up this lawyer for a consultation… Which was free by the way!. It helped me at time cause I didn’t have money for a consultation fee which some attorneys require. Then I spoke to him in person and felt comfortable speaking to him. I brought in my paperwork and we took it from there. He really knew what he was talking about which made me feel at ease. It gave me hope and a peace of mind… my court date finally came around and the results of my case were very satisfying.. At least from my part!. I highly recommend this attorney cause he delivers!

From: Bruce W.
Date: December 2013

I was referred to Mr. Arami by a friend that said he was a fantastic lawyer but was still skeptical because of the ramifications of my case. The results that Mr. Arami produced was nothing short of a miracle. Always answered my calls, didn’t nickle and dime me to death, and best of all he Produced the results that I prayed for.

From: Jamie E.
Date: December 2013

I hired Mr. Arami in 2012 for my custody case and enjoyed working with him. He was amazing and worked very hard on getting my case finalized and closed in less than 2 months. He was amazing and did not overcharge like previous attorneys I had consultations with. I liked the fact that he was very honest and upfront. He has always made himself available 24/7 no matter the time. I had the comfort knowing my retainer money was not used on “hidden fees”, he devoted his time to my case. I have contacted him after my case was closed numerous times regarding issues that have arose with my child’s father and Mr. Arami still made himself available. I’ve heard about attorneys filing motion after motion just for the money, but Mr. Arami has always been professional and honest. If he felt it wasn’t worth a fight or worth wasting a judges time over, he would be upfront about that. I recently needed to file a motion with Mr. Arami and he again has devoted his time in my case just as he did previously. I have sent 3 people to Mr. Arami and they too spoke very highly of him and the job well done. I highly recommend him!!

From: Christian Fitzpatrick
Date: October 2012

I hired Kourosh Arami regarding a child custody case. With no reservations and the utmost sincerity I will tell you that Arami law will work harder and smarter with more care and concern for your child and what’s best for your child than any other attorney I could’ve possibly imagined. Arami law will never fully understand how grateful I am.

From: Jamie Ebler
Date: October 2012

I’m delighted with the service and integrity of Arami Law Office. There is no need to spend enormous sums of money for downright high-priced attorneys, which lead to the same final result of getting through a Custody/Child Support case. Most importantly, Mr. Arami knows the law and works with the judge to get the job done at a reasonable charge. Mr. Arami allows you to make the decisions and executes with timely legal advice. I would be honored to have Mr. Arami represent me and have already given his number to several people. Thanks again Mr. Arami for your expertise from my family and me!

From: Angelica Anaya
Date: September 2012

Mr. Arami was recommended to me by my sister and a close friend, they were both very satisfied with the outcome and how Mr. Arami handled their cases. When I met with Mr.Arami for the first time he was honest and very clear that my case was complicated but could be accomplished.

From day one Mr .Arami was very professional and is a person whose experience comes across through words and posture.

He is a lawyer that lets the cards fall into place but also tries to resolve things in a timely manner because he understands how expensive court cases can get and that the client doesn’t always have a lot of money. During court hearings he was always well prepared in the aspect of my case. Whenever a question was asked he knew the answer because he takes the client cases to a personal level.

His knowledge and assertiveness would intimidate the other lawyers to the point that they would break down and eventually become unprofessional.

In the end I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case, I owe it to the professionalism and experience of Mr. Arami, I highly recommend him if a good lawyer is what you’re looking for.

From: Fredy Tapia
Date: September 2012

I was fortunate enough to be referred to and hire Kourosh as my lawyer. He has absolutely mastered and created a niche for himself in family law. Kourosh explains with patience the intricacies of the court system to you in laymen terms. He is very attentive, keeps you updated on the status of your case and is extremely professional. For this I will always refer Kourosh to anyone needing a lawyer in family law.

From: Jose Villegas
Date: September 2012

My name is Jose Villegas and I have a son who is now 6 years old. About 3 years ago he was taken away from his home by his mother. I wasn’t able to see him, and she wouldn’t tell me where he was staying. Immediately my family and I decided to see an attorney. We had seen many throughout the Chicagoland area. Then we came across Kourosh Arami which we heard about through the radio. From the beginning I could tell he was more than just another attorney. He showed compassion as well as attentiveness, nothing like we received from any other attorney. From that moment my family and I knew that Kourosh Arami was the perfect attorney for our case. With his help we located my son’s mother and within a few days she was served for court. Our first day of court she came into court in tears accusing me of sexual deviancy towards my son. This allowed her to keep my son. I was only allowed to see my son three times a week for 2 hours in a supervised facility. Throughout these accusations attorney Arami fought for me endlessly. After a year I started losing faith that my son was ever coming home, and I was willing to settle for anything my son’s mother would throw at me, but my attorney never gave up on my son even when I was willing to. He fought for us until the end. He always knew that I was innocent. He took my case personally, as if my son was his own family. He never stopped fighting for peace and justice for my son, my family, and me. Kourosh Arami always held hope and never stopped working for me. He was persistent and his hard work allowed me to take my son home. My son is currently living with me and enjoying every minute of it. I would like to thank Kourosh Arami for helping me get my son back. Forever I will always remember him. I consider him family. I have never met anyone as kind and dedicated to his work. I’m happy to have my son living at my home again, and I can see it in his smile everyday that he is happy to be here too.