• How the Right Divorce Lawyer Can Help in Your Case

    Divorce is a complicated legal process, a significant transition for your family, and an emotionally fraught endeavor. In other words, it’s a lot. If you are facing a divorce, you’ll need to balance these three often-contradictory facets of the process as you move forward toward your post-divorce future, and it’s not easy to do. By working closely with the right Chicago divorce lawyer for you, you help ensure that the divorce terms you walk away with are terms that support[...]

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  • How Long Will My Divorce Take in Illinois?

    You naturally want to know how long your divorce is going to take. Divorce is never pleasant, and moving beyond the stress of the divorce process is a worthy goal. There is no easy answer, however, to how long your Illinois divorce will take – because obtaining divorce terms that support your best interests and work for you is so critical that it is impossible to pin down an exact timeframe. If you’ve come to the difficult decision that divorce[...]

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  • Do You Need a Child Support Modification? 

    When you divorced, you were provided with orders that address your child support obligations, and you have tried to carefully adhere to those orders. As time goes by, however, things change, and if the change you’ve experienced is significant enough, a child support modification may be in order. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic that we’re experiencing might certainly qualify as a significant change in circumstances for many. If you need to obtain a child support modification, you need the[...]

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  • Know Your Financial Situation Before Divorce

    If you are contemplating divorce, believe that your spouse wants a divorce, or are generally concerned about the future of your marriage, it’s important to take action to protect yourself. The fact is that your divorce terms will significantly affect your financial future – for better or for worse – and the more you know about your marital financial situation, the better positioned you’ll be to protect your financial rights. If divorce may be on the horizon, it’s in your[...]

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  • When is it Time to Consult with a Divorce Attorney?

    As with many things in life, timing is crucial when it comes to some aspects of a divorce, such as consulting with a divorce lawyer. You may worry that doing so too soon could impact the already distressed state of your marriage and family life, but if you do so too late, your rights moving forward could be affected. This can leave you wondering: when is the best time to consult with a divorce attorney? The reality is, you should[...]

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