• How do I Seek Pet Custody in My Divorce?

    Going through a divorce is never easy, and many Chicago residents who file for divorce have particular concerns about pet ownership and pet custody. Illinois is one of only a handful of states that has a law concerning pet custody. While pet ownership or pet custody does not rise to the same level as the allocation of parental responsibilities for children under Illinois law, the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) also makes clear that pets are not[...]

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  • What is a Restriction of Parental Responsibilities?

    If you are getting divorced and have minor children from your marriage, you may know that the court no longer awards child custody to the parents, but instead allocates parental responsibilities. The term parental responsibilities includes both important decision-making responsibilities (what many Chicago residents knew previously as “legal custody”) and parenting time (what we used to call “physical custody” and “visitation”). Generally speaking, courts want to allow both parents to play an important role in the life of their child,[...]

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  • Am I Allowed to Move With My Child After My Divorce is Finalized?

    Many people who get divorced in Cook County want to get a fresh start once their divorce is finalized. For anyone who has recently gotten divorced and did not have minor children from the marriage, there is no reason to avoid looking for jobs in a new place and moving into a new home or apartment in a new city or even in a new state. However, the prospect of moving and getting a fresh start after a divorce becomes[...]

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  • Will the Court Divide My Inheritance if I File for Divorce?

    When you are thinking about divorce and learning more about property division in Illinois, we know that you are likely to have many questions. One common set of questions we often receive concerns the classification of marital property for purposes of distribution. For example, are there any kinds of property acquired after the date of the marriage that can be classified as separate property? Or, for instance, are there situations in which property acquired by one of the spouses many[...]

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  • Should I File for Divorce or Seek an Annulment?

    Couples in Cook County who no longer want to be married sometimes want to know whether they should seek a divorce or an annulment. People often think that an annulment is preferable to a divorce for different reasons; sometimes those reasons are based on the person’s religion, but a preference for an annulment can also arise from concerns about the social stigma of divorce. Can a person choose whether to get an annulment or a divorce? In short, anyone who[...]

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