• What Are the Tax Implications of Divorce?

    Most parties who are thinking about divorce in Chicago know that there are significant financial implications in any divorce case. From the division of marital property to spousal support, the court will make decisions during the process of the dissolution of marriage that will have substantial economic impacts in your everyday life. One specific financial issue concerns taxes. What are the tax implications of divorce, and how will the tax overhaul change the way you approach divorce and spousal maintenance?[...]

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  • New “Pet Custody” Law Takes Effect in Illinois

    Who gets “custody” of the dog or cat in the event of a Chicago divorce? Can a judge enter an allocation judgment that is similar to an allocation of parental responsibilities, or are family dogs, cats, birds, and other pets simply treated like marital assets that are eligible for distribution as marital property? If you are thinking about getting divorced in Cook County and you share a pet (or multiple pets) with your spouse, it is important to take a[...]

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  • Why Should I Develop a Parenting Plan?

    If you are in the process of filing for divorce or are thinking about filing for divorce in Chicago, it is important to know about how a parenting plan can give you control and flexibility with regard to your kids. As you may know, in some cases, the court enters an allocation judgment through which it allocates parental responsibilities and parenting time. Yet this is not necessarily true in every case. When parents can come to an agreement about parental[...]

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  • Should a Convicted Rapist Get Child Custody?

    Rapists should be punished to the full extent of the law. So why should one be granted privileges such as child custody? That’s what people are wondering as they scratch their heads in disbelief over a ruling by a Michigan judge that would give a rapist joint custody of the child he conceived while committing the crime. The man, now 27, committed the rape in 2008 when he was 19 and the victim was just 12. She gave birth to[...]

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  • Is Divorce Genetic?

    Have you been married multiple times, and none of your marriages have worked out? Maybe you grew up in a single parent home and never saw what a happy marriage looked like. Here’s some consolation: if you’ve gone through a divorce, it actually might not be your fault. Divorce is most likely to be genetic, studies show. You may have grown up in a broken home, but that actually less to do with your decision to divorce than actual genetics.[...]

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