• Can I Seek Attorneys’ Fees in My Chicago Divorce?

    Divorces in Chicago can be expensive, especially if your spouse is engaging in behaviors or actions that are requiring extra time with your attorney or additional court dates. When a married couple begins the process of getting divorced and one of the parties was a primary earner or breadwinner in the marriage, the other spouse (the non-primary earner, often the stay-at-home parent) can struggle to find resources to pay for a divorce. If you are in this situation, you may[...]

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  • Top Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer

    When you are considering a divorce in the Chicago area, you may already realize that there are many different family law attorneys who handle divorce cases. Even if you are anticipating a relatively straightforward divorce in which you and your spouse agree on all terms, it is still essential to hire a Cook County divorce attorney who can advocate for you throughout your divorce. There are many different potential issues that you might not be anticipating right now. Even if[...]

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  • What Role Does Religion Play in the Allocation of Parental Responsibilities?

    Divorces involving minor children from the marriage often are more complicated than divorce cases in which there are no minor children since the divorce process will need to involve the allocation of parental responsibilities. In some situations, the parents are able to develop a parenting plan in which they allocate parental responsibilities themselves in a way that is still in the best interests of the child but permits the parents to play a bigger role. If parents cannot reach an[...]

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  • How to Find Hidden Assets in a Divorce

    Whether you are in the process of getting divorced or are planning to file for divorce, you will need to know more about property division. When it is time to divide marital property, the prospect of your spouse hiding assets can be extremely frustrating. While both parties in the marriage are required to disclose information concerning all assets and liabilities from the marriage under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA), there are situations in which one of[...]

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  • Planning for a Divorce Financially

    Planning for a divorce is always important, especially when it comes to your finances. It is best to begin the process of planning for your divorce financially before you even file (or your spouse files). However, there are still ways you can ensure that you are prepared for the financial realities of divorce even after the petition for dissolution of marriage has been filed, and you are living separate and apart from your spouse. Indeed, divorce can create significant complexities[...]

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