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How to Initiate the Paternity Process

When paternity, also known as parentage in Illinois, is not legally established, it is essential to begin working with an Illinois paternity lawyer to find out about your options for initiating the paternity process under Illinois law. Paternity…

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Three Routes to Establishing Paternity in Illinois

Paternity is a legal concept that refers to the identity of a child’s biological father, and there are different reasons why various individuals would want to make parentage official under Illinois law. The child’s mother may…

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How Do Illinois Paternity Presumptions Work?

A Chicago Paternity Attorney Explains Common Presumptions. Parenting in Illinois is a combination of rights and responsibilities. While the parent of a child gets to visit with the child and develop a significant and meaningful parent-child…

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Defeating Paternity Presumptions in Illinois

A Skilled Chicago Paternity Lawyer Can Help A paternity suit is the legal vehicle whereby a man is declared to be the legal father of a child. In some cases, the man declared to be a…

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