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Child Custody Attorney Helps Resolve Parenting Time/Disputes (Visitation) in Chicago, IL

Child custody lawyers demonstrate proven success in managing conflicts over parenting time visitation

For noncustodial parents, parenting time, or visitation, is an essential means of maintaining a loving relationship with their children. Illinois courts recognize a parent’s right to frequent, meaningful contact, subject to reasonable restrictions that serve the best interests of the child. At Arami Law, we have experience with complex visitation disputes arising from a custodial parent’s well-founded fear that a child’s contact with the other parent is detrimental or a custodial parent’s deliberate interference with visitation to alienate the other parent. Such cases are emotionally charged and require patient but firm management to reach a resolution without causing emotional harm to the child. You can rely on Arami Law to handle your visitation dispute with compassion and professionalism.

Effective management of a variety of visitation issues in Chicago

In more than a decade of family law practice, we’ve successfully resolved numerous parenting time disputes. Common issues related to visitation include:

  • Restricted and supervised visitation — A custodial parent may insist that contact with the noncustodial parent is detrimental to the child. This can stem from a history of domestic violence, physical or sexual abuse, or substance abuse. After investigating the allegations, the court can prohibit contact or order visitation restrictions, such as not allowing a parent to drive the child in a motor vehicle or take the child home. The judge may also appoint a supervisor or a responsible party agreed to by the parents to monitor the visitation. If the court is later satisfied that the child is not in danger, it can lift the restrictions.
  • Safe location exchanges — Parents who have difficulty dealing with each other are encouraged, and may be required, to transfer custody at a safe place, such as a public library, shopping mall or police station.
  • Parental alienation — Attempts by one parent to alienate the affections of the child from the other parent are detrimental to all involved. This is grounds for reevaluating the child custody order or denying visitation. If a custodial parent, however subtly, rewards a child for rejecting the noncustodial parent or punishes the youngster for demonstrating affection, the court can construe that behavior as a violation of the visitation order.
  • Third-party visitation — Parents are not the only interested parties in visitation disputes. A custodial parent may deny grandparents access to their grandchildren. Courts have upheld grandparents’ rights to visitation in cases where emotional bonds existed between the grandparents and the grandchildren who have been active in each other’s lives.
  • Modification — Because children develop different interests over time and their schedules are constantly changing, parents may need to modify visitation plans. Minor adjustments can be easy to negotiate, but major conflicts are likely to erupt when a custodial parent makes plans to relocate with the children.

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