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Nobody in Park Ridge wants to face a family law issue, and at Arami Law, Inc., we know that family law matters can be especially difficult in terms of emotional consequences. Yet disputes arise under Illinois family law with some frequency, from matters pertaining to divorce to those involving the allocation of parental responsibilities or concerns about a grandparent’s visitation request. When you are dealing with a legal issue affecting your family, it is essential to have an experienced and compassionate advocate on your side throughout your case. A dedicated Park Ridge family law attorney at Arami Law, Inc. can begin working with you on your case immediately.

How Our Park Ridge Family Law Attorneys Can Help

The Park Ridge family lawyers at Arami Law, Inc. serve clients in a variety of legal issues impacting the family. Examples of some of the types of family law cases we handle include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Creating prenuptial or premarital agreements;
  • Divorce and the division of marital property;
  • Family support, including spousal maintenance and child support;
  • Allocation of parental responsibilities, formerly known as child custody, and includes significant decision-making responsibilities and parenting time;
  • Removal, or relocation out of state with a minor child;
  • Paternity issues, or parentage;
  • Grandparent visitation and rights of other close family members; and
  • Modifications to existing family law court orders, such as divorce judgments or allocation judgments.

Divorce and Financial Issues Affecting the Family in Park Ridge 

The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) governs most financial matters pertaining to family law, including:

  • Property division in a divorce;
  • Spousal maintenance; and
  • Child support.

One of our Park Ridge family law attorneys can assist with any financial matters arising under the IMDMA.

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities and Visitation

The IMDMA used to refer to child custody when it came to determining how parents would make important decisions about their child’s upbringing and would spend time with the child after a divorce or a separation. Relatively recent changes to Illinois have resulted in the state law shifting to the terminology of “parental responsibilities.” Accordingly, Park Ridge parents are no longer awarded child custody, but instead can be allocated certain parental responsibilities. Those parental responsibilities include significant decision-making responsibilities (what we formerly thought of as legal custody) and parenting time (formerly discussed as physical custody and visitation).

When parents can reach an agreement about how to allocate parental responsibilities based on the best interests of their children, the court can approve that parenting plan. Parents who develop a parenting plan can have more control over the allocation process, and a Park Ridge family lawyer can help. 

Modifying a Park Ridge Family Law Order

Most family law orders that are put into place can be modified when the party seeking a modification can show that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred. For example, the following types of modifications are common ones that parties seek after a family law case:

  • Modifying spousal maintenance amount because one of the parties lost his or her job or suffered a disabling injury;
  • Modifying a child support obligation because one of the parents was laid off or got hurt and work and is unable to temporarily provide his or her portion of the child support obligation; or
  • Modifying an allocation judgment because one of the parents is required to transfer to a position out of state in order to keep his or her job and income level. 

Contact a Park Ridge Family Lawyer Today

Park Ridge family lawyers can help clients with a wide variety of legal matters that arise under Illinois family law. At Arami Law, Inc., we know how emotionally and psychologically difficult a family law case can be, and we strive to provide dedicated and compassionate representation to each of our clients. We also know that you need a strong and experienced family law advocate on your side to represent your interests. An experienced and aggressive family lawyer in Park Ridge can get started on your case. Contact Arami Law, Inc. today to speak with a member of our legal team.

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