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Getting divorced is significantly more complicated than getting married as you are tasked with dividing the life you built together. When you add in the emotions you are likely feeling during divorce, it is no surprise that this process can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Arami Law is here to help you through every step of your divorce case.

Handling a Wide Variety of Issues in Divorce Cases

While the issues in a divorce can vary widely from case to case, the following are some of the common issues that we regularly address and resolve for our clients:

Division of assets – Under Illinois law, all marital property must be divided and distributed equitably between the spouses in a divorce. “Equitably” does not mean “equally,” and a lot of consideration should go into how property and assets are divided. This can become more complex if you own a home, have substantial assets, or own a family business.

Division of debts – Just as property must be equitably distributed, so must marital debts. Debts incurred during the marriage will most likely count as marital debt, even if the debt is only in one spouse’s name. Mortgages, car loans, and credit cards will all have to be divided fairly between the spouses. We can help to argue that you should not be responsible for your spouse’s student loans or other separate debts and can work to ensure you leave your marriage with as little liability as possible.

Parental responsibilities – After a divorce, both parents still have parental rights to see their children and to be involved in important decisions regarding their children. Most couples will share responsibilities over the children, which means they have to determine a schedule for parenting time and will need to determine how they are going to share in making decisions regarding school, religion, healthcare, and other important matters.

Child support – Just as parents still have rights after divorce, they also still have the responsibility to financially support their children. In many cases, the court will order one parent to provide financial support to the other to contribute to the everyday costs of parenting. While Illinois has strict child support guidelines, we will review your case to make sure your support determination is fair.

Spousal support – If there is going to be a significant disparity in the financial situations of you and your spouse, the court may order one of you to pay spousal support to the other. Whether you need financial support until you can support yourself or whether your spouse has requested support, we will negotiate to ensure any spousal support awards are not unfair.

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At the Arami Law, we have helped many clients successfully emerge from divorce and move on with their lives with hope and success. If you are getting divorced, you need skilled legal representation, so please call our office at (312) 584-6355 for help today.

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