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Illinois Family Law Lawyer

Family law in Illinois is complex, and cases often involve heightened emotions from all parties involved. The area of family law is a broad one, encompassing matters related to divorce and parenting, financial matters connected to the family and raising a child, and even planning ahead through the drafting of a premarital agreement. At Arami Law, we have years of experience handling family law issues for residents of Chicago and throughout the state of Illinois. While there are set laws that govern family law cases in the state, we recognize that no two family law matters are exactly the same, and we tailor our approach to the nuances of your situation.

Do you need assistance with property division in a high net worth divorce? Do you need help modifying an allocation judgment concerning parental responsibilities? Are you getting married and want to come to an agreement with your partner by creating a premarital agreement? An experienced Illinois family law lawyer can help.

An Illinois Family Law Attorney Can Assist You With a Wide Variety of Family Law Matters

At Arami Law, we are dedicated to assisting Illinois residents with many different kinds of family law issues, from prenuptial agreements to post-divorce modifications. We are here to help through every stage of the process. Our firm regularly provides counsel in numerous types of family law cases, including but not limited to:

  • Premarital (or prenuptial) and postnuptial agreements: these are agreements made between spouses before marriage and after divorce. There are many benefits to entering into a prenuptial agreement in Illinois. Such a contract allows the parties to agree to certain financial matters and questions of property division in the event of a divorce. The Illinois Uniform Premarital Agreement Act (750 ILCS 10/) governs premarital agreements in the state.
  • Divorce, high net worth divorce, and property division: the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (750 ILCS 5/) governs divorces in Illinois, along with questions of spousal maintenance, parenting time and parental responsibilities, and child support. Under Illinois law, property is divided in divorce according to a theory of equitable distribution. Property distribution can become particularly complicated when there are numerous assets in a high net worth divorce that require complex valuations.
  • Spousal maintenance: Illinois now has a formula for calculating spousal maintenance as long as the parties’ combined income falls below a certain threshold. Spousal maintenance is designed to provide support for the lesser-earning spouse, and the court takes into account numerous factors in determining whether spousal maintenance is appropriate.
  • Parenting time and parental responsibilities: formerly known as child custody and visitation, parenting time and parental responsibilities can be agreed upon by the parents in a parenting plan, or the court can allocate them through an allocation judgment.
  • Child support: Illinois now uses an “income shares” model to calculate child support obligations, which assumes that both parents provide some support for the upbringing of a child.
  • Modifications: maintenance and support orders, as well as allocation judgments, can be changed when one of the parties has a substantial change in circumstances.

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Do you have questions about a family law issue? An experienced Illinois family law attorney can assess your case today. Contact Arami Law to learn more about the services we provide to clients throughout Illinois.

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