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Illinois Divorce Lawyers Representing Clients in Chicago

 Divorce in Illinois is likely to be a complex and emotionally difficult process even when you are on good terms with your spouse. Divorce cases in Chicago can be significantly more complicated when the spouses are expecting a contested divorce and cannot reach an agreement about multiple issues. No matter what type of divorce situation you are anticipating, a top divorce lawyer in Chicago can represent you. At Arami Law, Inc., our firm has been representing clients in Cook County for years.

Common Issues in Chicago Divorce 

Most divorce matters in Chicago will be governed by the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA). Our top Chicago divorce attorneys assist spouses with many different kinds of divorce issues, including but not limited to: 

  • Proving irreconcilable differences by showing that you have lived separate and apart for at least six months;
  • Filing a petition for the dissolution of marriage or filing an answer after you have been served with divorce papers;
  • Contested divorce and uncontested divorces;
  • Division of marital property according to equitable distribution factors;
  • Complex property division, including division of high-value assets in a high net worth divorce;
  • Gray divorce, or dissolution of a long-term marriage when you are approaching or after retirement age;
  • Specific divorce issues affecting Chicago business owners;
  • Spousal maintenance, which can also be known as alimony or spousal support; and
  • Modifications of existing divorce orders in Illinois.

The advocates at our firm can begin working with you on your divorce case to ensure that your rights are protected.

Property Division and How a Top Chicago Divorce Attorney Can Help

Under the IMDMA, all property owned by the spouses will need to be classified as marital or separate property. Marital property is divided in a divorce while separate property is not. Generally speaking, separate property includes all assets and debts acquired before the date of the marriage, as well as inheritances or third-party gifts acquired after the date of the marriage. Otherwise, most assets and debts acquired or accumulated after the marriage will be classified as marital property and will be divided according to the terms of equitable distribution.

How Our Top Chicago Divorce Lawyers Assist with Child Custody Issues

In any Chicago divorce where the spouses share minor children from the marriage, the divorce process will also include the allocation of parental responsibilities (previously known as child custody under Illinois law) and child support. Our firm can assist you with any child custody or child support matters in your Chicago divorce.

Contact Our Top Chicago Divorce Attorneys Today 

When you are anticipating a divorce, you are considering the possibility of filing for divorce, or you are in the early stages of the divorce process, it is essential to have an experienced top Chicago divorce attorney on your side to help you through the complexities of Illinois divorce law. Regardless of whether you are anticipating a contested or an uncontested divorce, you should have an advocate to help you seek the best possible outcome in your divorce case. Contact Arami Law, Inc. to learn more.

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