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Illinois Child Custody Attorneys Representing Clients in Chicago

Child custody cases in Illinois can be extremely tough, particularly when the parents cannot reach an agreement about the allocation of parental responsibilities and there is significant animosity between the parties. Whether you are currently on working terms with your ex or you have concerns about a child custody battle, it is important to seek advice from top child custody lawyers in Chicago about your case. Given that Illinois law allocates parental responsibilities according to what is in the best interests of the child, it will be critical to have an attorney on your side who can help to prove that your ability to make significant decisions about the child’s upbringing and to provide caretaking functions during parenting time is in your child’s best interest. 

Chicago Child Custody Issues Our Lawyers Handle

The top Chicago child custody lawyers at Arami Law, Inc. represent clients in many different kinds of legal matters related to child custody or the allocation of parental responsibilities under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA), such as:

  • Parenting plans;
  • Allocation judgments;
  • Allocation of significant decision-making responsibilities;
  • Allocation of parenting time;
  • Understanding caretaking functions during parenting time;
  • Best interests of the child standard and its application to custody cases;
  • Factors for consideration in allocating parental responsibilities;
  • Domestic violence and how it affects child custody decisions in Illinois;
  • Relocation;
  • Modifications of existing parenting plans or allocation judgments.

Understanding the Allocation of Parental Responsibilities in Chicago

Under the IMDMA, Illinois courts now allocate parental responsibilities instead of awarding child custody. The law replaced the terms child custody and visitation for parents with language of significant decision-making responsibilities and parenting time. To be clear, rather than award legal custody or physical custody and visitation, courts now allocate parental responsibilities, which include both significant decision-making responsibilities (similar to what was known as legal custody) and parenting time (similar to what was known as physical custody and visitation). 

There are two ways that parental responsibilities can be allocated under the IMDMA:

  • Parents develop a parenting plan in which they agree on the allocation of parental responsibilities; or
  • Court allocates parental responsibilities.

In either method, the allocation of parental responsibilities must be in the child’s best interests. There are many different factors that the court and parents can consider when determining what is in the child’s best interests, such as the child’s preference when the child is old enough to voice a reasoned preference, the physical and mental health of the child, and the parents, the child’s adjustment to the current living situation, among many other factors.

Contact Our Top Child Custody Attorneys in Chicago

In any child custody case, it is essential to have a top Chicago child custody attorney on your side to advocate for your parental rights and to provide counsel in a wide range of legal issues that may arise. Whether you plan to work with your ex to develop a parenting plan or you need assistance in a disputed child custody case, our firm is here to assist you. Contact Arami Law, Inc. for more information about the services we provide in Illinois child custody cases. 


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