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Chicago Parenting Time Attorney Helping Families

Families in Chicago in the process of a divorce may know that, rather than awarding child custody to one or both parents, Illinois law now allocates parental responsibilities. One of the most important parts of parental responsibilities is “parenting time.” At Arami Law, we know how important it is for both parents to play a role in raising their children and to spend time with them on a regular basis.

If you have questions about parenting time under Illinois law, you should speak with a parenting time attorney in Chicago as soon as possible about your case.

Types of Parenting Time Issues We Handle in Chicago:

We regularly help clients with a wide variety of parenting time issues and concerns, including but not limited to:

  • Understanding the ways in which parenting time is defined and allocated under Illinois law;
  • Learning about the best interests of the child standard and how it affects parenting time;
  • Creating a parenting plan that allocates parenting time;
  • Restrictions on parenting time, including proving that they are necessary or defending against them; and
  • Relocation with a child.

Other issues also may arise in a divorce or family law case concerning parenting time, but one of the dedicated attorneys at our firm can help with your situation.

Learning About Parenting Time Under Illinois Law

The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) defines parenting time as the time a parent spends caring for the child day-to-day and making non-significant decisions in regards to his or her care. A parent’s right to exercise caretaking functions and to make non-significant decisions for a child (or about a child’s well-being) is not necessarily tied to the parent’s right or obligation to make significant decisions about the child’s future and upbringing. In other words, even if a court says that only one parent should be primarily responsible for significant decision-making, it is certainly possible and common that both parents will share parenting time.

There are one of two ways in which parenting time can be allocated:

  • Through a parenting plan (which both parents agree to, and which the court determines to be in the best interests of the child); or
  • Court allocates parenting time (in situations where the parents are unable to reach an agreement through a parenting plan).

Limitations to Parenting Time in Chicago, Illinois

In some cases, the court will determine that parenting time is not appropriate for both parents or should be restricted for one or both parents. The statute defines the restriction of parenting time as any limitation on the parenting time arrangement, including supervision.

Under Illinois law, the court presumes that both parents are fit. As such, in order for parenting time to be restricted, the court must find by a preponderance of the evidence that a parent spending time with the child would endanger the child well-being.

Discuss Your Case with a Parenting Time Lawyer Chicago

If you need assistance with a parenting time issue, a compassionate Chicago parenting time lawyer at our firm can assist you. Contact Arami Law today for more information.

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