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When your relationship with your partner ends, there may be family law issues involved. Divorce brings about many issues, but even if you were never married, you might have had children together and this can bring about conflict. From divorce to child custody to alimony, there are many issues you may have to deal with and you need someone who can get you the best representation and outcome possible. See how a Hinsdale family law attorney from Arami Law, Inc. can help. 


Even when there are no children involved, divorce can still be messy. One of the most contentious issues is asset division. Splitting property can be a huge hassle. Illinois is an equitable distribution state, which means that there is no automatic 50/50 split. Assets are instead split fairly based on the length of the marriage, each spouse’s occupation, age, and health, among other factors.


It is important for a woman to know who is the father of her child. Knowing this information can help ensure the child gets the benefits they are entitled to receive. In addition, the mother can receive child support and make custody decisions. 

The child, the child’s mother, or the man believed to be the father can bring about a paternity action. This can help determine who the father actually is and preserve everyone’s legal rights.

Child Custody

How a child will be raised is very important. Ideally, a child will be in the custody of both parents, but sometimes this is not possible. 

There are two main types of custody:

  • Legal custody. This refers to making important decisions for your children, such as health care, education, and religion.
  • Physical custody. This refers to who your children live with.

The main responsibilities are outlined in a parenting plan and include elements such as:

  • The child’s living arrangements
  • Transportation arrangements 
  • How much time the child will spend with each parent

Child Support

Under Illinois law, a child’s right to receive financial support from both parents. Typically, this means that the non-custodial parent will be required to pay child support to the other parent. Child support helps give children the same standard of living as if the parents had remained married.

In Illinois, child support is calculated using a specific formula. However, child support orders can vary based on the needs of the child. For example, a special needs child will need more money to pay for medical expenses. A parent may also be ordered to pay for expenses such as tuition for private school, sports travel teams, summer programs, and college tuition.

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Family law cases require compassion and dedication. These issues can be highly complex, so you need someone who can provide quality legal representation during these emotional situations.

Arami Law, Inc. has nearly two decades of experience helping Chicago-area families with a variety of issues. We offer a different approach to divorce and family law matters. Contact us today for more information. Fill out the online form or just give us a call.

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