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When you’re going through a divorce in Edgewater, you need to be informed of Illinois’ divorce laws and how to navigate the civil system. Here is a brief look into what you need to know about getting a divorce:

How Does the Court Make Determinations about Property Division, Child Custody, and More?

One of the most pressing issues to couples who are going through a divorce is how the court will make a determination about significant and life-shaping issues, such as with whom a child will live, who will have the authority to make decisions pertinent to a child’s life, how property will be divided, whether spousal support will be awarded, and more.

It is important for couples to know that they have the full authority to make these determinations on their own. In fact, if couples are in agreement about how to resolve the above, this can save thousands of dollars in court costs, as well at time, Resolving issues out of court is also usually less contentious, helping to preserve an amicable relationship between the parties, which is especially important if the couple has a child or children together.

That being said, if couples cannot reach a determination about these issues on their own or through mediation, the court will intervene. A judge will base a determination by considering such factors such as the income and earning abilities of each party, the collective property of the couple, each parent’s relationship with their child, the duration of the marriage, and other factors that are relevant to each issue (spousal maintenance, division of property, etc.). You can read more about divorce laws in Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.

What If I Disagree with a Court’s Decision?

If you disagree with the decisions made by a family law judge, you do have the right to contest decisions. You can file a motion to reconsider if you believe that there is evidence (which has not already been submitted to the court) which supports your case. You can also file a motion for modification at a later date if you believe that circumstances have changed significantly, and as a result of those changed circumstances, the court should reconsider an issue if your divorce.

Do I Need an Attorney?

Another questions that many individuals seeking a divorce in Edgewater have is whether or not they need a divorce attorney to represent them throughout the process. While the law does not require that you have an attorney, hiring a lawyer is usually a good idea. In fact, even if you and your spouse are in agreement about important issues in a divorce, an attorney can be essential for reviewing an agreement before it is finalized to ensure that the agreement is legally sound and that your best interests are addressed. In the event that you divorce and issues within it our contested, an attorneys can help to negotiate on your behalf or present your case to a judge.

At Arami Law, our talented Edgewater divorce attorneys understand the sensitive nature of divorce and the importance of competent legal counsel. If you are going through a divorce, please call our office today to learn how we can help you.

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