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Best Divorce Attorneys in Chicago

Are you thinking about filing for divorce in Chicago? Or are you currently in the early stages of a divorce and need assistance moving forward? The dedicated Chicago divorce attorneys at Arami Law are committed to providing personalized representation to each of our clients and handling your divorce matter with compassion and professionalism. We know that going through a divorce—even if it is an uncontested divorce—can be among the most emotionally tiring experiences you will face. We strive to make the divorce process as painless as possible and to provide you with experienced and aggressive counsel until you are satisfied with the results.

Illinois divorce law (750 ILCS 5/) is complex, and you should not try to navigate the nuances of a divorce on your own. One of the divorce attorneys in Chicago at our firm can discuss your case with you today.

Aspects of Chicago Divorces We Handle

At Arami Law, we regularly assist our Chicago clients with a wide variety of matters related to divorce. Some of the divorce issues we frequently handle include but are not limited to the following:

  • Uncontested and contested divorce;
  • Enforcing a premarital agreement or providing evidence to show that a premarital agreement is unenforceable;
  • Complex property division in a high asset divorce;
  • Valuation of marital assets;
  • Spousal maintenance;
  • Drafting and enforcing a postnuptial agreement;
  • Developing parenting plans;
  • Parental responsibilities and parenting time;
  • Child support; and
  • Modifications to spousal maintenance orders.

A Chicago divorce lawyers can discuss the differences between an uncontested and a contested divorce with you, and the numerous other issues that arise in each. When it comes to dividing marital property, even if you and your spouse have come to an agreement, it is nonetheless important to work with experienced counsel who can ensure that assets are properly valued and that you are getting a fair deal that is in fact equitable. Some assets require money for upkeep while others do not, and these should be valued accordingly.

We also know that some of the most difficult aspects of any divorce concern children from the marriage and dealing with questions of parental responsibilities and parenting time (previously known under Illinois law as child custody and visitation). Our divorce attorneys in Chicago are here to help.

Complexities of High Asset Divorces in Chicago

While anyone who is thinking about divorce should have an experienced lawyer to assist with the case, hiring experienced counsel is particularly essential for Chicago residents planning for a high asset divorce. In high net worth divorces, the couple needs to ensure that all assets and debts are properly assessed, including assets that can be difficult to value. Examples of complex assets in high net worth divorces include but are not limited to:

  • Real estate and real property;
  • Businesses;
  • Investments, including stocks, bonds, artwork, and other collections;
  • Retirement accounts; and
  • Professional practices.

Seek Advice from the Best Divorce Attorneys in Chicago

Whether you are in the early stages of filing for divorce or need assistance with valuations of complex assets, an experienced divorce attorney in Chicago can help with your case. Contact Arami Law to speak with a dedicated advocate today.

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