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Although Illinois family law recently underwent significant changes that help simplify the divorce process and cut down on court costs, filing for dissolution can still be a complex and time-consuming process, so if you or a loved one are considering a divorce, it is critical to contact an experienced Cicero divorce attorney who can explain your legal obligations.

Filing a Petition

To be eligible to file a Petition for a Dissolution of Marriage a person must satisfy the following requirements:

  • He or she is married;
  • Either the petitioner or the other spouse has lived in Illinois for at least three months; and
  • No other divorce proceeding has been filed or is pending.

The petition also requires the inclusion of specific information, including:

  • A confirmation that the couple is divorcing due to irreconcilable differences;
  • Each party’s current address, age, occupation, and length of residence in the state;
  • The names, ages, and addresses of any children of the marriage;
  • The date of the marriage and the place where it was registered;
  • Any arrangements that have been made regarding parental responsibilities and spousal maintenance; and
  • The relief sought.

A petitioner may also be required to provide additional information for the purposes of property division, such as:

  • A list of all personal property and real estate, whether owned jointly or separately;
  • A list of each party’s debts;
  • A list of each party’s pension and retirement accounts; and
  • Any claims for money or damages suffered by either party.

Irreconcilable Differences

The petitioner must then arrange for the petition to be served on the other spouse, along with a summons, after which, the court will set a date for a hearing. At this point, the couple must establish that:

  • Irreconcilable differences have led to the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage; and
  • Efforts at reconciliation have failed or future attempts at reconciliation would be impracticable and not in the best interests of the family.

If the parties have lived separately for more than six months prior to the entry of dissolution, the court will presume that the irreconcilable differences requirement has been met. However, this does not mean that the couple cannot live in the same residence, only that the individuals no longer live together as spouses. Finally, when a couple has children, the divorce can only be finalized after the family court has approved, considered, or made provision for the allocation of parental responsibilities, child support, spousal maintenance, and the division of marital property.

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Divorces are notorious for being time-consuming, expensive, and emotionally draining. While this is often the case in contested divorces, it is possible in some situations for the parties to come to an amicable agreement regarding child support or the division of assets. This can help save both parties a significant amount of time and money, so if you live in Cicero and have questions or concerns about how to file for divorce or have another divorce-related issue, please contact a member of our dedicated legal team at the Arami Law at (312) 212-1399 to set up a consultation.

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