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Are you thinking about filing for divorce, and do you share children with your spouse? You may have heard about the terms “parental responsibilities” and “parenting time.” A couple of years ago, Illinois changed the way it handles child custody. Rather than awarding legal custody and physical custody to one or both parents, the courts now allocate parental responsibilities. How does parenting time fit in? Parenting time essentially refers to what we used to describe as physical custody – the time a child spends with the parent during which the parent exercises caretaking functions for the child and also makes non-significant decisions about the child’s upbringing and care.

Parenting time either can be allocated by the court, or the parents can allocate it themselves through a parenting plan. To learn more about developing a parenting plan or having an advocate on your side in court during a contentious child custody case, you should speak with a Chicago parenting time attorney at Arami Law.

Learning More About Parenting Time and Parenting Plans in Chicago

Under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (750 ILCS 5/600 et seq.), parenting time can be allocated through a written parenting plan. In other words, if parents can agree to a parenting time schedule and the court approves it, this can become the legal document that guides parenting time. Many divorcing spouses want to create a parenting plan that includes a parenting time schedule because it allows them to play a role in the process. However, if parents cannot come to a written agreement, the court will allocate parental responsibilities, and that includes a parenting time schedule.

What goes into a parenting time schedule? Typically a Chicago parenting time schedule will need to include the following information:

  • Schedule for shared parenting during the school year, including information about how parenting time will be shared when one parent needs to take a business trip or when one parent has to work late;
  • Schedule for school breaks, including shorter breaks for holidays like Thanksgiving as well as longer breaks such as summer vacation;
  • Schedule for holidays, with specific information concerning the holidays that are important to the family, and when each parent will spend that holiday with the child (for example, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Eid al-Fitr, other religious holidays, birthdays, and even government holidays in which some businesses are closed and children do not have school);
  • Vacation time that each parent will have with the child, including whether parents will automatically have a certain amount of time or will be able to give notice to the other parent before scheduling a trip;
  • Parents’ transportation responsibilities for the child, including how the child will travel between the parents’ homes; and
  • Provisions for communication between the parents about the parenting time schedule, as well as communication between the child and each of the parents during parenting time.

Contact a Chicago Parenting Time Attorney

Creating a parenting time schedule can be daunting, but an experienced Chicago parenting time attorney can help with your family’s case. Contact Arami Law to learn more about how we assist families with parenting time issues in Chicago and across Cook County, Illinois.

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