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Divorce is never entered into lightly, and it is nearly universally a difficult journey. It is also, however, a transition into you and your children’s future. If you are facing a divorce, an experienced Chicago divorce lawyer can help ensure that you obtain fair terms that allow you to move forward with confidence. 

Determining Your Divorce Terms

You and your divorcing spouse will need to find common ground on the basic terms of your divorce, including:

Anything that you and your divorcing spouse are able to come to mutually acceptable terms regarding will leave you ahead of the curve, but this does not mean that you and your soon-to-ex need to work in perfect harmony with one another, which is rarely the case. You have options when it comes to your divorce negotiations, which include having your respective divorce lawyers negotiate on your behalf and/or proceeding to mediation, before you will need to ask the court to intervene for you. 

The Financial Component

The terms of your divorce divide into financial and child-related components, and the financial element involves both the division of your marital assets and spousal support (if applicable). Your marital assets include those assets and properties that you and your spouse acquired during the course of your marriage. These are intended to be divided between the two of you in a manner that is equitable – or fair in light of the circumstances – in the event of divorce. That property that either of you brings into the marriage with you – and keeps separate throughout – will remain your separate property. While this sounds straightforward enough, it can quickly become exceptionally complicated.

While alimony is by no means a given in divorce, it can play an important role if one spouse will experience a significant financial setback and the other has the financial means to help offset it. Together, these comprise the financial portion of your divorce. 

The Parental Responsibility Component of Your Divorce

In addition to your finances, there is the very important matter of your children. In Illinois, child custody is referred to as parental responsibilities and parenting time. Parental responsibilities relate to those big decisions you must make on your children’s behalf, including decisions about the following:

  • Education
  • Religious upbringing
  • Extracurriculars
  • Medical care and treatment

These responsibilities can be shared or handled by one parent alone. Parenting time, on the other hand, refers to whom the children will live with and according to what visitation schedule. The state has basic visitation schedules that it regularly orders, but if you are able to create a schedule that you are both willing to sign off on, the court is almost certain to accept it. Because the court always bases decisions about child custody on the best interests of the children involved and believes that children are best served by maintaining relationships with both parents, it rarely cuts a parent out of visitation entirely. 

Child support is determined in accordance with a straightforward calculation process for which there is typically very little wiggle room.

Turn to an Experienced Chicago Divorce Lawyer

The accomplished Chicago divorce lawyers at Arami Family Law, Inc. have the experience and compassion to skillfully advocate for divorce terms that work for you and your children. For more information about how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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