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When a couple divorces and they have children together, their main concerns may be where the children will live and how they will be raised. In Illinois, this is called decision-making authority. 

Illinois does not make shared custody the rule, unlike other states, which means that it is easy for one parent to get sole decision-making authority. This means that divorcing parents must often negotiate a joint parenting agreement or face a contentious custody battle. 

What do you want when it comes to child custody? The Burr Ridge child custody lawyers at Arami Law Office, PC will work for you and your children’s best interests.

Types of Child Custody

First, you should understand that there are four main types of child custody: 

  • Physical. Physical custody refers to where the child lives. In many cases, it is one parent, while the other parent is granted visitation. While joint physical custody is possible, it requires the parents to live close to each other and to be amicable toward each other. 
  • Legal. Legal custody refers to making important decisions about the child’s upbringing, such as medical care, religion, and education. 
  • Joint. Joint custody means that both parents share in the decision-making of the children, at 50/50. It can be joint physical custody, joint legal custody, or both, as long as both parents can act amicably and cooperate.
  • Sole. Sole custody is when just one parent has 100% custody of the children. This is rarely done if both parents are mentally stable. However, if one parent is unstable due to a history of abuse, neglect, substance abuse, or incarceration, then one parent may get sole custody. 

Best Interests of the Children

The court will make decisions regarding child custody based on the best interests of the child. The factors involved may include the following:

  • Mental and physical health of the parents
  • Ability of each parent to provide the child’s basic needs (such as food, clothing, shelter, and medical needs)
  • Level of each parent’s involvement in their children’s lives
  • Love and affection toward the child
  • Medical, educational, and emotional needs of the child
  • Custody desires of each parent
  • Willingness of each parent to cooperate with each other
  • Wishes of the child, if the child is old enough to make the decision (typically at age 14)

Contact a Burr Ridge Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody is often a contentious issue. Ideally, you and your spouse should agree on how to best raise your children. But with highly emotional cases, the judge often has to make a decision that neither parent may be happy with. 

Your legal rights as a parent are worth the fight. The trusted attorneys at Arami Law, Inc. can help you negotiate a fair parenting plan. Our Burr Ridge child custody lawyers will work hard to get you the best outcome possible.  Schedule a consultation with our office by filling out the online form or calling our office.

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