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Ten Things You Should NOT Do During Your Illinois Divorce (Part III)

In this final part of our three-part series, we look at three more actions you should not undertake while your Illinois divorce case is pending. 8.   Not Getting Agreements with your Spouse in Writing and Signed…

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Ten Things You Should NOT Do During Your Illinois Divorce (Part II)

Lying on your divorce petition or in a motion, failing to respond or not participating in your case, and/or remarrying before your case is finalized are all significant mistakes that can seriously impact your divorce case.…

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Ten Things You Should NOT Do During Your Illinois Divorce (Part I)

A great philosopher once said, “to err is human.” We all make mistakes, and people under a significant amount of stress, such as people who are involved in divorce proceedings, are prone to making more mistakes…

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What Can I Do If My Spouse Tries to Intimidate Me During Our Divorce Proceeding

Divorce is rarely a contest between equally-situated parties. More common is the situation in which one party enjoyed a substantial amount of power or control over the other spouse during the marriage and tries to continue…

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How Would an Illinois Court Determine Who Gets to Choose My Child’s Religion?

Religious tensions can arise at any point during a marriage, but the holidays tend to exacerbate any differences that exist between spouses. While two married adults may be able to tolerate – even respect and participate…

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What is Mediation and How Can It Impact My Illinois Divorce?

A Chicago Divorce Attorney Explains Mediation and its Implications. Divorce and child custody issues do not always need to be litigated in court to be resolved. In fact, if every divorce-related or child custody-related issue were…

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