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If I Get a Legal Separation, Can I Get Divorced Later?

There are many reasons that a married couple in Chicago might decide to get a legal separation instead of a divorce. For example, one of the spouses might have health issues and may need to remain…

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What to Expect When a Parent is Not Allocated Significant Decision-Making Responsibilities

In a Chicago divorce involving minor children from the marriage, parental responsibilities will be allocated through a parenting plan developed by both parents or through an allocation judgment issued by the court. In either scenario, the…

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Three Routes to Establishing Paternity in Illinois

Paternity is a legal concept that refers to the identity of a child’s biological father, and there are different reasons why various individuals would want to make parentage official under Illinois law. The child’s mother may…

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New Illinois Law on Child Support: Developing Trends in Divorce Cases

Almost a year has passed since the new Illinois child support law went into effect and already certain trends are developing to shape how divorce cases proceed in the state. In general, the statute has changed…

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How Do I Calculate Child Support Under the “Income Shares” Model?

Many families in Illinois are just learning about the new “income shares” model for child support that took effect on July 1, 2017. As we have previously discussed, Illinois child support used to work in such…

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Why Should I Develop a Parenting Plan?

If you are in the process of filing for divorce or are thinking about filing for divorce in Chicago, it is important to know about how a parenting plan can give you control and flexibility with…

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