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Is Shared Custody the Best Option for Kids After Divorce?

Given that Illinois law recently changed the way it approaches child custody matters, it is important to think about the ways in which the new law might be better for children. As you may know, the…

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When Should you Speak with a Child Custody Attorney?

When Should You Speak With A Top Chicago Child Custody Attorney Child custody cases can be emotional and stressful and often have a lot on the line. It is only natural that you do not want…

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What Circumstances Have the Best Chance of Resulting in a Change in Custody?

One of the most frequently-litigated issues in an Illinois family law case is “custody.” (Since January 1, 2016, the term “custody” has fallen out of use and is replaced by “parenting time.”) It is not uncommon…

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How Would an Illinois Court Determine Who Gets to Choose My Child’s Religion?

Religious tensions can arise at any point during a marriage, but the holidays tend to exacerbate any differences that exist between spouses. While two married adults may be able to tolerate – even respect and participate…

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Do My Kids Get a Voice in Which Parent They Will Live With?

A Chicago Divorce Attorney Answers a Common Concern for Recently Divorced Parents. Giving children a voice in determining where they want to live following an Illinois divorce is a great idea for one parent – and…

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Can the Other Parent Take My Child Out of State Without My Permission?

Visitation Plans Made Simple with a Chicago Custody Attorney. Holidays and school breaks are routinely times of year where custody disputes are brought before the court by divorced parents. One commonly-litigated issue during this time of…

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