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Burr Ridge Divorce Attorneys

Illinois Divorce Lawyers Serving Clients in Burr Ridge

Divorces are complicated, and they can become difficult and frustrating when you do not have an experienced lawyer on your side. Even in divorce cases in which the spouses have reached an agreement on most of the terms, it is critical to have one of our Burr Ridge divorce attorneys on your side. We can help you to understand how the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) will apply to your case, and we can help to ensure that your divorce case goes as smoothly as possible.

Common Issues in a Burr Ridge Divorce

At Arami Law, Inc., we routinely represent Burr Ridge clients in a variety of divorce issues, such as:

  • Filing a petition for the dissolution of marriage;
  • Seeking spousal maintenance;
  • Handling complex property division issues;
  • Dividing a business in a divorce case;
  • Allocating parental responsibilities, which include significant decision-making responsibilities and parenting time;
  • Helping to develop a parenting plan in which the spouses reach an agreement about parental responsibilities;
  • Demonstrating that a parent’s role in the child’s life is in the child’s best interests;
  • Calculating child support;
  • Enforcing child support orders arising out of a divorce case; and
  • Modifying orders that arise out of divorces in Burr Ridge, including spousal support and the allocation of parental responsibilities.

Filing for Divorce in Burr Ridge, IL

If you want to be the party who files a petition for divorce in Burr Ridge, also known as a petition for the dissolution of marriage, you should know that Illinois law does not recognize any fault-based reasons for a divorce. Instead, the party who files a petition for the dissolution of marriage simply must plead “no-fault grounds” for divorce in order for the divorce case to move forward.

How does a party make clear that they want to move forward with a no-fault divorce in Illinois? Since no-fault divorce states do not actually have “grounds” for divorce (as fault-based states do), the party who is filing the petition only must plead that the marriage has come to an end because of irreconcilable differences between the spouses. Then, based on the case presented, the court must determine that the spouses have no hopes of reconciling in the future.  

Seeking Advice From a Burr Ridge Divorce Lawyer

At Arami Law, Inc., we know how complicated divorce cases can be. We also know that every case is different because every couple and family must deal with specific issues and circumstances that are particular to their situation. We understand that every divorce case requires a tailored approach, and one of the experienced Burr Ridge divorce lawyers at our firm can learn more about your case today in order to develop a plan for moving forward.

From issues pertaining to property division to those involving minor children from the marriage and the allocation of parental responsibilities, our firm can assist you from start to finish with your divorce case. Contact Arami Law, Inc. today for more information.

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