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Burr Ridge Affordable Divorce Attorney

Like many kinds of legal actions, divorce requires that you pay for a lawyer’s time at an hourly rate.  In Illinois, that rate usually ranges from around $260 to $330 an hour, with a total cost ranging from $11,000 to $20,000.  However, in cases with no contested issues, this amount can be significantly lower. Where you are getting divorced can also affect your costs since lawyers in higher-priced areas generally have higher fees. Regardless of the complexity of your divorce, you want to be sure that your Burr Ridge affordable divorce attorney is skilled and experienced. 

What Does a Divorce Cost in Illinois

The most significant single component of your divorce costs will be the attorney’s fees.  Yes, there are flat-fee $500 to $700 bargain basement divorces, but that flat fee does not include any filing fees or other costs.  It also does not cover any contested items.  So, if an issue becomes a real issue, you will be back to paying hourly rates. 

There are also court fees which in DuPage County is currently limited to a $290 filing fee. You may also have a fee for service of process on your spouse, and other fees may apply. These fees are separate from your attorney’s fees. Depending on what happens next, there may be additional attorney hours and costs.  Those will arise if there are any contested issues or issues that you thought weren’t going to be contested and turn out to be.  Issues like that add attorney hours and possible filing fees to your costs.

What Affects the Cost?

The primary driver of the cost of your divorce is how much your attorney has to do.  If there is an uncontested divorce with no issues about property, children, or support, the cost can be surprisingly low, even with an attorney.  The averages cited are around $4,000.  However, if you have property that needs to be divided, the costs can quickly escalate to $20,000 or more. Support or custody issues will have a similar impact on your fees.

How Can I Control Costs

The first thing you can do is work with a reasonably priced lawyer.  An experienced Burr Ridge affordable divorce attorney can help by leveraging experience and knowledge to reduce your costs.  

Even more importantly, you should, to the extent possible, resolve as many open questions as you can with your spouse.  The single most significant in the ultimate cost of a divorce is the number of contested issues.  If you both approach this matter by resolving as much as possible outside of the courtroom and law office, you will have ultimate control over the costs.

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Arami Law has been handling divorces for Burr Ridge and DuPage County clients for more than fifteen years.  The firm has extensive experience handling the issues that can arise in a divorce and working aggressively to achieve the best results for its clients.  Contact them today.  

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