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Brookfield Family Law Attorney

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Family law issues are complicated, and they often result in emotions running high. When you are dealing with a legal matter that can affect your family, and in particular your children, you want to be sure that you have experienced counsel on your side to ensure that your voice is heard throughout the process. Whether you need assistance filing for divorce and planning for the distribution of marital assets, or if you need a lawyer to help with drafting a parenting plan and advocating for your rights during the allocation of parenting time and parental responsibilities, a Brookfield family law attorney at our firm can help.

At Arami Law, we have been handling family law cases throughout Cook County for years, and we can get started on your case today.

Drafting a Premarital Agreement in Brookfield

A Brookfield family law attorney can help you draft a premarital agreement, and to handle enforceability issues with any existing premarital agreement. The Illinois Uniform Premarital Agreement Act governs all premarital agreements (also known as prenuptial agreements) in Illinois. Parties who enter premarital agreements can contract about the “rights and obligations of each of the parties in any of the property of either or both of them whenever and wherever acquired and located,” according to the statute.

In short, prenuptial agreements allow parties to enter into a formal agreement with one another about assets, debts, and other financial issues prior to the marriage taking place. Premarital agreements are unenforceable only under specific circumstances, such as when one of the parties did not voluntarily enter into the agreement or when the terms of the agreement are unconscionable.

Filing for Divorce in Brookfield

In addition to handling matters that arise before and during a marriage, a Brookfield family lawyer can also help you through the process of divorce. Filing for divorce in Illinois requires attention to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA). Under the IMDMA, parties will need to ensure that they have met the filing requirements, which typically include a 90-day residency requirement in the state of Illinois and a separation period of six months when filing for a no-fault divorce.

Divorces in Illinois can be contested or uncontested. In uncontested divorces, the spouses generally have agreed to the terms, and the divorce can move relatively quickly. In a contested divorce, however, it is particularly important to have an advocate on your side to ensure that you receive the settlement you deserve.

Parental Responsibilities in Brookfield

Illinois law no longer assigns child custody or enters child custody orders. Instead, the court does what we call “allocating parenting time and parental responsibilities.” Generally speaking, parenting time is a lot like what we used to call visitation and physical custody, while parental responsibilities are very similar to how we used to define legal custody. When parents can agree about time spent with their kids and making important decisions about the child’s upbringing, they can enter into a parenting agreement.

A family law attorney in Brookfield can help you to develop a parenting agreement or to advocate for your rights to the court when the court allocates parenting time and parental responsibilities.

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