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Common Mistakes in a High Net Worth Divorce

When you are planning for your divorce and taking the early steps to dissolve your marriage, it is important to consider commonly made mistakes so that you can avoid them. In a high net worth divorce,…

What Will Happen to My Divorce if a Chicago Court Thinks Reconciliation is a Possibility?

As you may know, if you plan to file for divorce in Chicago, Illinois divorce law operates entirely on a no-fault basis. Accordingly, the party who has plans to file for divorce will not allege fault-based…

What is the Divorce Process Like in Chicago?

Although many people in the Chicago area have a friend or family member who has gone through a divorce, it can be difficult to know precisely what is involved in the process until you go through…

Understanding No-Fault Divorce in Chicago

Many people in the Chicago area file for divorce because of the other spouse’s immediate actions. For example, as an article in Today highlights, a spouse will often make the final decision to file for divorce…

What are the Benefits and Limitations of a Legal Separation?

If you are considering the benefits and limitations of a legal separation instead of a divorce in Chicago, it is important to understand the pros and cons. Like divorce, most legal matters pertaining to legal separation…

Can I Annul My Marriage Instead of Getting Divorced?

People make mistakes and get married for the wrong reasons with some frequency in Chicago. In situations where one or both parties think the marriage was a mistake, especially if it has lasted for only a…

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