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How Domestic Violence Can Impact Custody Decisions

When courts are making child custody decisions in Illinois by allocating parental responsibilities, the existence of domestic violence can affect the allocation judgment. Domestic violence can, in some cases, result in a restriction on parental responsibilities,…

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Understanding Parental Responsibilities Allocations in Illinois

When parents talk about child custody cases in Illinois in connection with a separation or a divorce, they are talking about a process known as the allocation of parental responsibilities under Illinois law. Illinois law changed…

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Factors to Keep in Mind When Modifying Your Divorce Decree

There are many reasons that spouses seek to modify their divorce decrees once a divorce case has been finalized. For example, one of the parties paying or receiving spousal support or child support might have had…

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Can I Move Out of State With My Child After an Illinois Divorce?

After your divorce case has been finalized, you might be thinking about moving to a new place in order to take a new job or to get a fresh start. If you have minor children from…

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Determining What is Marital Property in Illinois

If you are planning on divorce in the near future, you should know that one central part of your divorce case will be the division of marital property. To be clear, when a couple goes through a divorce, the…

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How to Initiate the Paternity Process

When paternity, also known as parentage in Illinois, is not legally established, it is essential to begin working with an Illinois paternity lawyer to find out about your options for initiating the paternity process under Illinois law. Paternity…

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