• Can I Annul My Marriage Instead of Getting Divorced?

    People make mistakes and get married for the wrong reasons with some frequency in Chicago. In situations where one or both parties think the marriage was a mistake, especially if it has lasted for only a short time, they might be wondering if they can simply annul the marriage instead of going through the divorce process. In brief, if you are in a legally valid marriage, the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) does not allow you to[...]

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  • If I Get a Legal Separation, Can I Get Divorced Later?

    There are many reasons that a married couple in Chicago might decide to get a legal separation instead of a divorce. For example, one of the spouses might have health issues and may need to remain on the other spouse’s health insurance in order to get treatment. Or, the married couple may have other financial reasons for wanting to remain married while living apart. When there are minor children from the marriage, or in situations in which the parties cannot[...]

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  • Visitation for Non-Parents After a Chicago Divorce

    After a divorce in Chicago, other family members may be frustrated by their ability to spend time with the minor children from the marriage. For example, a grandparent might be accustomed to spending a particular amount of time with the kids and may be angry about the way in which the court allocated parental responsibilities. Adult siblings also may want to have the ability to spend time with their younger siblings despite the way in which parenting time has been[...]

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  • What to Expect When a Parent is Not Allocated Significant Decision-Making Responsibilities

    In a Chicago divorce involving minor children from the marriage, parental responsibilities will be allocated through a parenting plan developed by both parents or through an allocation judgment issued by the court. In either scenario, the way in which parental responsibilities are allocated must be in the child’s best interests. As you may know, parental responsibilities include both significant decision-making responsibilities and parenting time. Before child custody matters were revised in the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA),[...]

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  • Which Apps can Make My Divorce Easier?

    Are you planning to file for divorce? Do you have minor children from your marriage? If so, it is important to know that you will need to find ways to communicate with your ex-spouse for the sake of your children and sharing parental responsibilities. For many families in Cook County, communication can be difficult, especially when the divorce was contentious. Even when the parties have a relatively amicable relationship under the circumstances, communication can become strained. According to an article[...]

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