• Should You Consider a Prenuptial Agreement?

    With approximately 50 percent of American marriages ending in divorce at some point, marriage can be a risky endeavor. Recognizing this, some future spouses commit to a prenuptial agreement before walking down the aisle. Should you join them and consider a prenuptial agreement as well?  You may not be able to control whether your marriage succeeds or not, but you can control what happens to your stuff in a divorce. The skilled divorce attorneys at Arami Law in Chicago want[...]

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  • Timeline for Divorce Cases in Chicago

    If you are facing a divorce, you likely have questions, and one of those questions is how long the process is going to take. While there is not a simple answer to this question because every divorce is different, there are some fundamentals that universally apply and that will help you better understand the probable timeline for your divorce. If you have divorce concerns, consult with an experienced Chicago divorce attorney today. The Divorce Process When it comes to divorce,[...]

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  • Inventory Your Property Before Filing for Divorce

    One of the most important components of your divorce is the division of your marital property. This division can have a profound effect on you and your children’s future financials, and it should, therefore, receive the careful attention it deserves. If you are preparing to file for divorce, it’s in your best interest to consult with an experienced Chicago divorce attorney before doing so. The Division of Marital Property In the State of Illinois, your marital property refers to those[...]

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  • Why is it Important to Establish Paternity?

    There are many different reasons that a party might want to establish paternity, from a parent who is seeking to be allocated parental responsibilities or a parent seeking child support, to a child who wants to know more about his or her health history or who may be entitled to certain benefits through the parent. Any of these parties may seek to establish paternity in situations in which there is an alleged father, which the Illinois Parentage Act defines as[...]

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  • Are College Expenses Part of Child Support After a Divorce?

    Many parents in the Chicago area who get divorced have minor children from the marriage at the time of the divorce. When there are minor children from a marriage, Illinois law says that both parents are responsible for contributing to the child support obligation. Under the Illinois “income shares” model, a court calculates a total child support obligation based on both parents’ incomes, and then it assigns each parent a portion of that obligation based on their income, total number[...]

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