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Determining What is Marital Property in Illinois

If you are planning on divorce in the near future, you should know that one central part of your divorce case will be the division of marital property. To be clear, when a couple goes through a divorce, the…

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How to Initiate the Paternity Process

When paternity, also known as parentage in Illinois, is not legally established, it is essential to begin working with an Illinois paternity lawyer to find out about your options for initiating the paternity process under Illinois law. Paternity…

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What to Consider When Modifying Your Parenting Time Arrangements

The parenting time arrangements that you and your ex agreed to – or that the court handed down to you – at the time of your divorce may have addressed your family’s scheduling needs at that…

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Digital Spying and Divorce

Because technology continues to have new and innovative applications in our lives, it isn’t a huge surprise that it’s made its way into the realm of divorce. It’s important to be aware that digital spying is…

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What Happens If a Visitation Order Has Been Violated?

Whether you and your child's other parent reached a parenting plan on your own or needed the court's assistance, the court-ordered parenting plan must be followed. If you have visitation rights with your child, you anticipate…

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Understanding How Assets Are Divided in a High Asset Divorce

Divorces often involve uncertainties and a range of emotions. They can also be expensive. It's no wonder why most divorcing spouses want to get this process over as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, when it comes to…

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