• Ten Things You Should NOT Do During Your Illinois Divorce (Part III)

    In this final part of our three-part series, we look at three more actions you should not undertake while your Illinois divorce case is pending. 8.   Not Getting Agreements with your Spouse in Writing and Signed Courts across the nation like to see divorcing spouses work together to settle their differences and come to an agreement regarding their issues. In fact, divorcing spouses or parents are free to enter into nearly any agreement they want regarding child custody, division of[...]

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  • Ten Things You Should NOT Do During Your Illinois Divorce (Part II)

    Lying on your divorce petition or in a motion, failing to respond or not participating in your case, and/or remarrying before your case is finalized are all significant mistakes that can seriously impact your divorce case. They are not, however, the only mistakes. Here is part two of our list of the top ten things you should not do during your divorce: 4. Spending Marital Assets or Getting Rid of Marital Property When you or your spouse files for divorce,[...]

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  • Ten Things You Should NOT Do During Your Illinois Divorce (Part I)

    A great philosopher once said, “to err is human.” We all make mistakes, and people under a significant amount of stress, such as people who are involved in divorce proceedings, are prone to making more mistakes than others. Some of the mistakes we make are innocuous and harmless. However, some mistakes made while a divorce proceeding is pending can seriously impact your case. Here is a list of the top ten mistakes to avoid during the pendency of your divorce.[...]

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  • Does Illinois Recognize Common Law Marriages?

    Whether for personal, religious, or pragmatic reasons, some couples choose not to officially “tie the knot.” Instead, these couples will cohabitate together – much as a husband and wife would – for long periods of time. When individuals of legal age and capacity cohabitate together for a number of years and hold themselves out to others to be husband and wife, some states conclude that the couple has a “common law marriage.” Being declared to have a common law marriage[...]

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  • What Can I Do If My Spouse Tries to Intimidate Me During Our Divorce Proceeding

    Divorce is rarely a contest between equally-situated parties. More common is the situation in which one party enjoyed a substantial amount of power or control over the other spouse during the marriage and tries to continue exercising control throughout the divorce proceeding. This can be manifested in a variety of ways: One spouse offers to pay the other spouse a lump sum award in return for the other spouse making other concessions or waiving important rights; Offering to pay for[...]

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