• What is Mediation and How Can It Impact My Illinois Divorce?

    A Chicago Divorce Attorney Explains Mediation and its Implications. Divorce and child custody issues do not always need to be litigated in court to be resolved. In fact, if every divorce-related or child custody-related issue were resolved through lengthy evidentiary hearings in court, the number of hearings that would need to be conducted would overwhelm the state’s judicial system. As an alternative to litigating matters in court, mediation is offered to divorcing spouses and/or divorcing parents as a way of[...]

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  • I Cannot Locate My Spouse – How Can I Obtain a Divorce?

    A Chicago Divorce Explains the Illinois Divorce Process. A crucial step in your Illinois divorce is serving your spouse with a copy of your divorce petition. By serving him or her with a copy of your petition, he or she is alerted to the deadline by which he or she must file an answer or response to your petition and when he or she is expected to appear next before a court. Serving your spouse, called “service of process,” is[...]

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  • How Do Illinois Paternity Presumptions Work?

    A Chicago Paternity Attorney Explains Common Presumptions. Parenting in Illinois is a combination of rights and responsibilities. While the parent of a child gets to visit with the child and develop a significant and meaningful parent-child relationship with the child, the parent must also support the child physically, mentally and emotionally. These rights and responsibilities fall to both the mother and father of a child and remain until either one of them is determined to be an unfit parent. Knowing[...]

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  • Billionaire and Soon-To-Be Ex-Wife Argue Over Pre-Nup’s Validity

    Seek Help from a Chicago Prenuptial Agreement Attorney Billionaire hedge fund manager Kenneth Griffin and his wife Anne Dias Griffin continue to argue over the validity of the couple’s prenuptial agreement. Ms. Dias Griffin contends that she was not given enough time to review the prenuptial agreement before signing it on the eve of the couple’s wedding and just before the rehearsal dinner. Mr. Griffin, on the other hand, claims the two of them exchanged multiple drafts of the prenuptial[...]

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  • What To Do If You Suspect Your Child Is Being Abused

    A Dedicated Chicago Child Custody Attorney Can Help You It is an uncomfortable thought for many Illinois parents to consider, but statistics show that your child is more likely to be abused by someone he or she knows rather than by a stranger. You may notice that your child seems reluctant to visit with the other parent, or may return from the other parent with strange marks or bruises on him or her. What can you do as the child’s[...]

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