Tips for Couples Getting a Divorce in Illinois

Getting divorced in Illinois is never easy, even under the best circumstances when the spouses are on amicable terms with one another and they have reached an agreement about all potential areas of dispute in their case. To be sure, divorce can be difficult emotionally and financially, and preparing for divorce can be complicated at best. While some divorces are less difficult than others, most divorces involve at least some areas of dispute that must be resolved, and many cases are quite contentious. If you and your spouse are planning to get divorced in Illinois, it is important to consider the following tips from our experienced Illinois divorce lawyers.

Learn How the Illinois Divorce Process Works

Most divorce issues in Illinois are governed by the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA), and it is important to understand how Illinois courts divide marital property, calculate spousal support, allocate parental responsibilities, and calculate each parent’s child support obligation.

Consider Divorce Mediation

If there are unresolved disputes in your divorce, you should consider divorce mediation. You may be able to resolve existing disputes in order to have a faster and more cost-effective uncontested divorce.

Make a Budget

Plan ahead financially for your separation and after your divorce is finalized by making a budget for yourself. Going from a two-income household to a single-income household can be difficult, but it will be easier if you prepare in advance.

Gather Financial Documents Early

You will be required to supply a wide variety of financial materials in your divorce case, so it is important to gather all of these documents as early as possible, including tax documents, account statements, purchase receipts, appraisals and valuations, and other materials.

Focus on the Kids if You Share Minor Children From Your Marriage

If you share minor children from your marriage and will go through a child custody case as part of your divorce, it is important to try to put aside your problems with your spouse and focus on your kids’ needs, particularly when it comes to the allocation of parental responsibilities.

Keep Lines of Communication Open

If you can, it is always easier to keep lines of communication open. Divorces are always easier if you can resolve issues with your spouse without having to involve the court.

Hire an Experienced Illinois Divorce Lawyer

No matter what, you and your spouse should each have an experienced divorce attorney in Illinois on your side. Even if you think you have mastered the legal issues in your case, or you think it might make sense to save money in the short term, having a lawyer is critical to ensuring that the divorce is fair to you and that you understand fully what your rights and responsibilities are both during the case and after the divorce is finalized. 

Seek Advice From a Divorce Attorney in Illinois

Whether you need assistance locating hidden assets in a divorce and ensuring that all marital property is accurately classified and valued, or you need help with a complex child custody case that will be part of your divorce, one of our experienced Illinois divorce attorneys can begin working with you today. Our firm has been representing clients in the Chicago area and throughout Illinois for years, and we can speak with you today about your divorce. Contact Arami Law, Inc. for more information.

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