What to Consider When Modifying Your Parenting Time Arrangements

The parenting time arrangements that you and your ex agreed to – or that the court handed down to you – at the time of your divorce may have addressed your family’s scheduling needs at that time, but it is very common for such plans to become obsolete with the passage of time. As your children grow up and as your own life evolves, your current parenting time schedule may feel like it’s working against you (rather than supporting your family’s needs), and the law addresses these kinds of issues with parenting time modifications

If you find yourself in need of such a modification, reach out to an experienced Chicago family law attorney today. 

Changing Your Schedule Between Yourselves

If you and your children’s other parent are in agreement regarding the need for a scheduling change and are able to find terms that work for both of you, you’re ahead of the game, but it’s important to know that the changes you make between yourselves are not legally binding or enforceable. The only way to modify your parenting time arrangements and protect your parental rights in the process is by going through the court, which you are well-advised to do. 

A Substantial Change in Circumstances

In order to obtain a modification of your parenting time arrangements, you’ll need to demonstrate that you’ve experienced a substantial change in circumstances that makes the modification desirable. Common examples include:

  • A move of a considerable distance for a job promotion or for a better paying job
  • A move closer to family who will enrich your children’s lives and help you with childcare
  • A significant change in your job schedule
  • Changes in your children’s schedules, such as when one of them gets a part-time job of his or her own
  • Busy schedules that reflect your children’s participation in multiple extracurricular activities

As your children march forward toward adulthood and your own post-divorce life takes unexpected twists and turns, you can expect scheduling challenges to arise, and a modification to your parenting time schedule may be in order.  

Your Children’s Best Interests

In addition to the requirement regarding a substantial change, the court will need to ensure that the requested modification is in your children’s best interests overall. The court is always guided by the best interests of the children in every matter that involves them, and as such, you will need to demonstrate that your proposed modification supports your children’s best interests.  

An Experienced Chicago Family Law Attorney Can Help

If you need a modification of your parenting time arrangements, the practiced family law attorneys at Arami Family Law, Inc, are standing by to help. We take great pride in our impressive track record of helping clients like you obtain the parenting time modifications they need, and we are committed to helping you do the same. We are on your side and here to help, so please do not hesitate to contact us for more information today.    

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