When Should You Speak With a Child Custody Attorney?

When Should You Speak With a Top Chicago Child Custody Attorney

Child custody cases can be emotional and stressful and often have a lot on the line. It is only natural that you do not want to share your child with anyone else, however, Illinois custody laws often favor joint custody. It can be difficult to know when it is time to call an experienced child custody lawyer and the following are only some examples of when it may be wise to call for help.

You Are Facing Divorce or a Paternity Case

If you are getting divorced and you have children, child custody will certainly be a major part of your case and you always want an attorney who has extensive experience with child custody matters. In addition, even if you have never been married, you may suddenly be facing a paternity case. This can happen if you are a mother and a man is claiming paternity and wants to have custody rights to your child, or if you are a father seeking custody rights. Either way, seeking skilled legal representation is important.

Your Ex Wants to Move With Your Child

If your child’s other parent has primary custody and wants to move away with your child, it can severely limit the amount of time that you spend visiting with your child and can completely change your custody arrangement. Whether you want to fight the move or consent to the move, you should still speak with an attorney as the custody agreement will have to be updated and you want to protect your rights.

You Want to Relocate With Your Child

If you have primary custody and want to relocate due to a job, to be closer to family, or another important reason, you must get permission from your child’s other parent prior to moving. This can be challenging and you want to have a child custody lawyers who have experience with relocation cases on your side.

Your Child’s Schedule Has Substantially Changed

As your child gets older, their activities and schedule will almost certainly change. For this reason, a custody and visitation arrangement that worked when they were younger may no longer be practical. In such cases, you can seek to have to custody schedule modified to better suit the needs and interests of your child and you should consult with a child custody lawyer for help in doing so especially if your child’s other parent is fighting against any modification of the agreement.

Call Our Chicago Child Custody Lawyers for Help as Soon as Possible

Child custody can be a hotly contested and complex issue that can have long-term effects on your relationship with your child and many other aspects of your life, including your schedule and potentially where you live. At Arami Law, our highly experienced child custody attorneys have helped to resolve many custody disputes both as part of a divorce case and as a separate matter. If you are facing any type of case involving your child, your first call should be to (312) 584-6355.

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