Signs You Should Consider a Prenuptial Agreement


While signing a prenuptial agreement does not seem like the most romantic step to take before you tie the knot, these agreements have protected the rights of many people in the event of a divorce. Many people may consider whether a prenuptial agreement is right for them but may not know how to bring up the topic with a spouse. Others may only believe that prenups are for wealthy celebrities. If you are on the fence about a prenuptial agreement, you should not hesitate to discuss the matter with an experienced Chicago family lawyer. In the meantime, the following are only some of the many signs that a prenuptial agreement may be right for you.

There Is a Significant Disparity in Wealth Between You and Your Fiance

If you have significantly more assets or property than your soon-to-be spouse, a prenuptial agreement can protect your wealth should you get divorced. You can set guidelines for property distribution, clarify that certain property and assets will remain in your possession, and can restrict the amount of maintenance that your spouse may receive. On the other hand, if your spouse is substantially wealthier, you can use a prenuptial agreement to ensure you are properly taken care of in the event of a divorce.

You Have Children From a Previous Marriage

If you have children from a prior marriage or relationship, a prenuptial agreement can help to ensure their inheritance is secured. If you have no agreement, certain laws may dictate that most of your property will go to your spouse. However, you can control the inheritance and assets of your children by entering into a prenup. You can also use an agreement to protect your hard-earned assets from being equitably distributed in a divorce under Illinois law so that your money will be passed on to your children and not your former spouse.

You Own a Business

Business interests can significantly complicate any divorce. Business interests are considered to be a property that can be divided in a divorce, which can result in the sale of the business or in your former spouse suddenly obtaining part ownership and having a say in the operations of the business. If you own a business, it can be wise to enter into a prenuptial agreement that states the business will remain yours–and only yours–if your marriage ends in divorce.

While prenuptial agreements can seem harsh, you can see that these agreements can have many practical applications and can work to protect your interests and financial well-being. It is important to ensure that your agreement is enforceable and fair, so you should always have your agreement drafted and reviewed by experienced matrimonial attorneys who you can trust.

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