Defeating Paternity Presumptions in Illinois

A Skilled Chicago Paternity Lawyer Can Help

A paternity suit is a legal vehicle whereby a man is declared to be the legal father of a child. In some cases, the man declared to be a child’s legal father is the biological father of the child; however, it is not a necessity that the biological father of the child is named as the child’s legal father. In some cases, a man may be thrilled to be named as a child’s legal father. In other cases, a man may wish to fight an attempt to establish him as the legal father. This is because while a paternity suit does establish the right of a man to visit with the child and participate in raising the child, it also establishes an obligation for the man to support the child and pay for the child’s needs.

Paternity Presumptions in Illinois

Like other states, Illinois law creates certain “presumptions” of paternity. In other words, there are certain situations in which a man is presumed to be the legal father of a child and thus has the rights and responsibilities placed upon him. These include:

  • Where the man and the child’s mother were married to each other when the child was conceived;
  • Where the man married the child’s mother after the child’s birth and had his name written on the child’s birth certificate as the child’s father;
  • Where a certain court or administrative orders list the man as the child’s legal father; or
  • Where the man and the child’s mother have signed a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity form listing the man as the child’s father.

A presumption means that once evidence has been presented that establishes the facts necessary for one of the above-listed presumptions to apply, the “burden” then shifts to the man to disprove the presumption or otherwise show that it is inapplicable.

How Do I Disprove a Paternity Presumption?

Disproving paternity is no easy task: you are, in effect, attempting to disprove a nonexistent fact. An experienced and skilled paternity lawyer’s assistance will be necessary to give you the best opportunity of defeating a presumption of paternity. This can be done through evidence that:

  • Although married, you and the child’s mother were living apart at the time the child was conceived;
  • You signed the birth certificate or Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity under duress or fraud; or
  • Previous court or administrative orders were entered based on inaccurate factual information.

How Arami Law Can Help

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