Billionaire and Soon-To-Be Ex-wife Argue Over Pre-nup’s Validity

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Billionaire hedge fund manager Kenneth Griffin and his wife Anne Dias Griffin continue to argue over the validity of the couple’s prenuptial agreement. Ms. Dias Griffin contends that she was not given enough time to review the prenuptial agreement before signing it on the eve of the couple’s wedding and just before the rehearsal dinner. Mr. Griffin, on the other hand, claims the two of them exchanged multiple drafts of the prenuptial agreement and that Ms. Dias Griffin has ample opportunity to review the agreement with three law firms before signing.

Will the Judge Strike Down a Prenuptial Agreement?

It is rare for a court to strike down a prenuptial agreement. When a court does so, it is usually because the prenuptial agreement fails to conform to legal requirements or because there was unethical conduct by one party that prejudiced the other party in some way pertaining to the agreement. Some common reasons why a court would consider invalidating a prenuptial agreement that appears to meet legal requirements include:

  • Lack of a full and fair disclosure of assets and liabilities: If one party hid assets that he or she had or otherwise misrepresented his or her financial condition, this could lead to the other spouse agreeing to terms that are quite unfavorable to him or her.
  • Lack of time to review the agreement: Parties should allow the other spouse an adequate time to review the prenuptial agreement before signing. A lengthy and complex agreement presented to the other party on the eve of the wedding will not likely afford the other party sufficient time to review it.
  • Lack of opportunity to seek legal counsel: While the other party does not need to consult with an attorneys before signing a prenuptial agreement, he or she should be afforded the opportunity to do so. Allowing the other party a sufficient amount of time to review the agreement will also give the other party time to consult with a lawyer of his or her choosing.
  • Lack of a voluntary signing of the agreement: Of course, a court will not enforce an agreement the other party signed under threat of harm to him- or herself or any family member or friend. If one party placed undue duress or pressure on the other party in order to secure his or her signature, then a court may set aside a prenuptial agreement and refuse to enforce its terms.

Arami Law Is Your Chicago Prenuptial Agreement Law Firm

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