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Affordable Divorce Attorney Chicago


Getting divorced in Chicago can be complicated and, in some cases, expensive. If you have friends or family members who are divorced, you may have heard stories about the high costs of the divorce process. At Arami Law, we are committed to helping individuals through a divorce in the most affordable way possible. Our team of experienced family law attorneys knows how important financial matters are in a divorce, especially for a lesser-earning spouse. We have numerous methods for keeping costs down in your divorce case while using our years of experience in Illinois family law to ensure that your voice is heard and your needs are met. An affordable Chicago divorce attorney can speak with you today about your divorce case.

Uncontested Versus Contested Divorces in Chicago

When you are thinking about costs in a divorce, it is important to understand the distinction between uncontested and contested divorce. Regardless of the type of divorce, the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) governs most divorce matters in Chicago.

An uncontested divorce is one in which the parties agree to all terms, including property distribution, spousal maintenance or alimony, the allocation of parental responsibilities, and child support. When both spouses agree to all terms, the divorce can move much more quickly. Generally speaking, the quicker a divorce, the less that divorce costs. However, if there are any matters in the divorce on which both parties can not agree, then the divorce is known as a contested divorce. Even when you have a contested divorce, this does not mean that the process will be extremely costly or drawn out. In many cases, it simply means that you will need to present your case to a judge with the help of an experienced divorce attorney, and the judge will make a ruling on the issue.

Negotiating a Property Division Settlement in Your Chicago Divorce

One of the best ways of keeping costs down in your divorce is negotiating a property settlement. Even if you believe that you and your spouse are involved in a contentious property division battle and will not be able to reach a compromise, your divorce attorney can use years of negotiating experience to help reach a property division settlement to which both you and your spouse agree.

Even when the parties do not agree to all terms of the divorce at the outset, negotiations can lead to compromise and, ultimately, to an uncontested divorce process that moves quickly for both parties.

Seeking Attorney’s Fees From Your Spouse

Even if your divorce has many complicated issues and your spouse is refusing to cooperate or compromise on any matters, you should not have to worry about whether you will be able to pay your divorce lawyer. For parties who are in a position to seek and receive spousal support, the IMDMA also permits those parties to seek reasonable attorney’s fees. The court will take into account many of the same factors that it uses in determining whether spousal support is appropriate. If it determines that an award of attorney’s fees is appropriate, it can require your spouse to pay your interim attorney’s fees.

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If you are considering divorce, you should speak with an affordable Chicago divorce attorney today. Contact Arami Law for more information.

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